Dar'Or was a planet in the Jospro sector of the Outer Rim, located in the Slice. On Imperial navigation charts, the planet was recorded as OM973.

Located in a system of the same name, the low-gravity, forested world orbited an orange sun and was home to the intelligent flying mammals called Ri'Dar. They inhabited the middle levels of a dense network of 200-meter-tall waze trees which covered the planet together with the sabertoothed indola. Predators, including the aforementioned indola and the avian elix, who preyed upon the Ri'Dar, were introduced to Dar'Or by ecologists to save them from a supernova-threatened world. The Ri'Dar organized their primitive society into warrens and cities.

After the Empire conquered the planet prior to the Battle of Yavin, Dar'Or was declared an Imperial Species Preservation Zone. Still, some smugglers bypassed the travel restrictions.

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