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Dar was a member of the Drogheda Revolutionaries during the civil war on the planet Drogheda. He was stationed in the Mount Meru Mine, but was swept out of the base when Lando Calrissian destroyed several water tanks in the mine with a thermal detonator, flooding the mine. As Dar lay outside the mine, his comrades began to be slaughtered by the Drogheda Royal Guard who were waiting outside the mine on Sky-sleds. Calrissian, appalled at the action, was able to stop the Royal Guards from continuing, saving Dar's life. Curious as to why the side he was on was slaughtering innocents, Calrissian took Dar back to the Drogheda Citadel where he was staying and interrogated him as to why they were fighting. As Dar tried to explain that they were only trying to set up a democracy, he was killed by Captain Harlech, who did not want the information to be revealed. Deprived of his source, Calrissian went to a local cantina to confirm Dar's story.

Dar was apparently linked with Princess Danu, as she screamed out his name when she saw his dead body in Calrissian's quarters.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The full name of this revolutionary may not be simply "Dar". Calrissian mentions to Danu that she had only "started to say his name…", perhaps denoting that Dar is only the first syllable of the revolutionary's true name.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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