"I've been here the longest, and i'll be here the last. I buy Jedi Salvage from the ruins. Slow business now, but i get by."
―Daraala to Meetra Surik[src]

Daraala was a female Human salvager on Dantooine.


According to her, she had been on Dantooine the longest of all the remaining salvagers.

At some point, when Suulru's moisture vaporator was abandoned, Daraala and Jorran then found it. According to Jorran, she got to it first but only took the modulator from it because she was loaded with other items. After Jorran sold the damaged vaporator to Suulru he won the modulator from Daraala in a game of stones.

When Meetra Surik arrived at the salvager's camp, Daraala asked Surik to find the corpses of two salvagers, offering Surik 500 credits for each of them, claiming she wished to give them a proper burial. In reality, however, Jorran knew that all she wanted from the salvager's corpses was to get an extremely good load of salvage that the two salvagers as well as two others had managed to acquire from the ruined Jedi Enclave. The reason for her plot was that the four salvagers had the biggest haul of salvage found inside the ruins of the Jedi Enclave. They then attempted another salvage run but only two of them came out alive and the third died from his wounds. The surviving person then picked a fight with Gerevick after losing against him in a pazaak game. With all four dead, their salvage was left inside the Khoonda Militia's headquarters.

Salvagers had been attempting to claim the salvage with false claims that they were owed by the salvagers, or were related, but Zherron wasn't fooled and the only thing he would believe is a will. One of the dead salvagers in the Enclave had a badly spelled will that stated that his possessions would be given to another salvager should the latter die, which meant that the will was useless since the other salvager was also dead. Daraala hoped to trick Zherron by using the bodies and a conveniently faked will so she would make a large profit out of this. Surik most likely gave the bodies to Zherron with the will as she found it. This meant that Zherron would still have to keep the salvage.

Behind the scenesEdit

Daraala sells Jedi artifacts such as crystals, robes and lightsaber parts, though with a much higher price than the average market. However, since Jedi artifacts are rare after the Jedi Civil War, it is possible that Surik had bought some from her.

If the player is not aware of the truth and gives the corpses to Daraala she would offer the player the reward.

The player could turn the reward down, this gives them light side points for declining a reward.

Alternatively when the player finds them they might have the option to change the will left by one of the dead salvagers and make it seem that the salvager would leave his possessions to the player should he die, then the player can give it to Zherron. This results in getting dark side points as it is involving personal gain as well as interfering with a dead person's last wishes.

No matter which choice the player makes in regard to the First Battle of Dantooine, Daraala will thank them for driving away either the settlers or the mercenaries.


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