"Like all Hutts, Darga is a slimy gangster whose love of credits is exceeded only by his love of power."
―Gilder Varth[src]

Darga Jiramma Mionne was a young Hutt crime lord who carved out a small empire on Cato Neimoidia. Though he was nowhere near as successful or mighty as other members of his clan, he believed that his dealings with the Empire would put him on a fast track to power. Darga believed that as the Empire's influence grew, so would that of its allies.


He once held the Jedi Denia captive. Later, he worked with the Inquisitor Valin Draco. Darga had a large interest in the Tibanna gas industry, and used it to get slaves from the Galactic Empire.

After his palace was raided by undercover Rebels, who killed his Force-sensitive majordomo, Igren Demos, Darga fled to the Bespin system, where he hid his luxury yacht, the Glorious Chariot, and went into hiding. Shortly after a sabacc tournament, the Rebels who overthrew his palace found him. He was defeated on Cloud City by this Rebel group, which proceeded to take his yacht and six Z-95 Headhunters, during the Battle of Bespin several months after the end of the Clone Wars.


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