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"I'm not a Jedi. I want to be a Sith. I've only begun to discover my power."
―The Dark Jedi to Darth Vader[src]

The Dargulli Dark Jedi was a Human female Dark Jedi who lived during the Great Jedi Purge.


"I apologize for the ruse which led you here. I killed those drones... I knew you'd come to investigate this."
―The Dark Jedi displaying her lightsaber to Darth Vader[src]

Several weeks before the Battle of Yavin, she was on the planet Dargulli, where she killed stormtroopers sent to collect taxes, hoping to attract the attention of Darth Vader. She had foreseen that Vader would kill Palpatine, and sensed that he could bring order to the Force and rule the galaxy. She also could sense that Vader was missing something in his life. To this end, she wished to become his Sith apprentice. Vader, although tempted, killed her after only a moment's hesitation.

Though the woman did not wield a traditional dark side crystal lightsaber, she claimed not to be a Jedi, and Vader sensed no Jedi teachings in her, leaving her origins a mystery.

Behind the scenesEdit

Sidirri was intended to be a younger version of this character.[1]



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