Darja was a human female and grandmother of Alora, a Force-sensitive child abducted by the Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister Inquisitors some four years before the Battle of Yavin. The Inquisitors boarded the transport that Darja and Alora were on as it left the planet Chandel, located Darja and her granddaughter among the passengers and forcibly took the child, murdering all the other passengers to eliminate witnesses. They left Darja alive but wounded, expecting her to perish on the drifting vessel, and resumed their hunt for other Force-sensitive children. However, Darja was saved by the arrival of former-Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano, who had been monitoring the Inquisitors' transmissions. Seeing the damage inflicted on the vessel and the bodies of the unfortunate passengers, and hearing Darja's story, Tano pledged to locate and retrieve Alora.[1]



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