"Only the greatest of all Sith are permitted to set foot in these chambers. You profane our entire history by your presence alone."
―Darth Soverus, to Republic invaders[src]

The Dark Council Chambers, located inside the Sith Academy on the planet Korriban, was the place where the Dark Council discussed anything related to the Sith Empire, their enemies and their plans.

The Chamber of the Dark Council consisted of six thrones at each side, one for each of the twelve Council members. If one of the Council was not present, he or she appeared as a hologram to participate in the Council's discussions.[2]

There was also a Dark Council Chamber on Dromund Kaas. However, the Chamber on Korriban was larger than its counterpart on Dromund Kaas.

Two notable duels took place in the Dark Council Chambers during the Galactic War, namely the duel between Darth Baras and the new Emperor's Wrath (Galactic War) and duel between Darth Thanaton and Lord Kallig.

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