Dark Empire 6: The Fate of a Galaxy was the sixth and final issue of the 6 part Dark Empire series of comics. It was released on October 20, 1992 by Dark Horse Comics.

Opening crawl[edit | edit source]

Even as the Imperial World Devastators continue to savage the Alliance, Princess Leia and Han Solo succeed in freeing Luke Skywalker and R2-D2 from the clutches of the evil Emperor Palpatine.

During the rescue, Leia captures one of the Emperor's most prized possesssions: an ancient artifact called the ''Jedi Holocron''. The Holocron is a legendary source of Jedi teaching believed lost for over six hundred years.

As the heroes of the Rebel Alliance escape through hyperspace aboard the Millennium Falcon, Luke explains that the master control codes to the Emperor's World Devastators are now safely hidden in Artoo's memory banks... ''Then Luke vanishes''.

Using the secrets of the Dark Side, Luke has created a doppelganger to trick his friends into leaving him on Byss – where, at that very moment, Luke is confronting the dying despot, and smashing the Emperor's clone tanks with his lightsaber!

But before Luke can finish his dreadful task, the Emperor succeeds in transferring his consciousness to one of his clones, a strong and agile fifteen-year-old!

Filled with Dark Side power, the reborn Emperor engages Luke in a ferocious lightsaber duel – and ''wins''. Triumphant over his greatest adversary, the young Emperor vows to find Leia – and the Holocron – and crush the Rebellion once and for all!

Publisher's summary[edit | edit source]

Left behind on Byss, Luke travels with the newly-powerful Emperor Palpatine to capture his sister Leia. Meanwhile, the Jedi Holocron delivers a thousand-year-old prophecy to Leia, which tells of her battle against the young Emperor!

And as the Battle of Calamari rages over the waters of that world and the Mon Calamari Rebels wonder when their savior Luke will shut down the killing machines, a battle begins above them that overshadows the outcome of their more conventional war…

The key to their survival all comes down to the data carried inside one brave little robot.

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