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The Dark Empire II audio drama was a full cast audio adaption of Dark Horse Comics' Star Wars: Dark Empire II comic book series. It was adapted by John Whitman from the source material by Tom Veitch. It was directed by Arthur G. Insana and featured parts of composer John Williams's classic score along with authentic stereo sound effects. The adaptation was originally released in the form of two cassettes in 1995 by Time Warner Audio Publishing,[2] and later in the form of two CD-ROMs in 1997 by HighBridge Audio.[3]

Publisher's summary[]

In Star Wars: Dark Empire, the Rebel Alliance once again fought and defeated the forces of the Empire. Or did they?[1]

Now, as Luke Skywalker searches the galaxy for clues to the history of the Jedi, Han and Leia lead the Rebel Alliance against a terrible new threat as a group of "Dark Jedi" fulfill the Emperor's final mission: Operation Shadow Hand, a devastating plan carried out by the deadliest dark side mind of all.

Differences from the comic[]

  • Overall expanding on the dialogue.
  • Shug Ninx, Mako Spince, R2-D2, C3PO, and Lando do not appear.
  • Kam Solusar and Luke Skywalker exchange a duel, before Luke brings Kam back from the dark side.
  • Added scene of Wedge securing the transport of the X-1 Viper Automadon droids.
  • The Duros sector sequence is removed, instead the Millennium Falcon goes directly to Salla's repair center.
  • Luke destroys the probe droid on Ossus with his lightsaber instead of a blaster.
  • Rayf Ysanna does not join Luke as a jedi.





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