Dark Empire II 1: Operation Shadow Hand was the first issue of the 6 part Dark Empire II series of comics. It was released in December 20, 1994 by Dark Horse Comics.

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Operation Shadow Hand
Luke Skywalker's bold attempt to learn the dark-side secrets of Emperor Palpatine nearly ended in disaster for Luke and for the Rebel Alliance.

But thanks to Luke's Jedi sister Leia Organa Solo, Han Solo, and other good friends, Luke was rescued and the Empire's terrible World Devastator weapons were destroyed.

In a final confrontation with the Emperor himself, Luke and Leia joined together as Jedi in the Force. Enveloped in light, the Emperor fell victim to his own cataclysmic dark-side energy!

Long before the cloned Emperor's demise, the evil ruler initiated an elite corps of seven warriors whom he empowered with the dark side of the Force. These "dark Jedi," as he called them, were authorized to put into action his master plan to retake the Galaxy: Operation Shadow Hand.

Following the disappearance of their Emperor, the Imperial elite, under the command of Darkside Executor Sedriss, initiated a series of assaults against the world in proximity to the Galactic Core.

Luke Skywalker, in the meantime, had found clues in the Jedi Holocron which made him believe that some Jedi Knights might have survived Darth Vader's program of extermination.

Near the Cron Drift, in the derelict space city Nespis VIII, Luke discovered the fallen Jedi Kam Solusar. With great difficulty, Luke managed to free Solusar from the dark side. In gratitude, Solusar agreed to join Luke in reviving the ancient company of Jedi Knights.

As Luke returns to Pinnacle Base, Darkside Executor Sedriss is going forward with Operation Shadow Hand. Sedriss and his men are preparing to deliver the Empire's discipline to a renegade manufacturing world at the fringes of the Galactic Core.

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The Empire in retreat, Luke Skywalker has begun a quest to rebuild the Jedi. Although dead, the Emperor's presence still haunts him, and Luke still feels the taint of the dark side from his time as the Emperor's thrall.

The dark shadow of Palpatine seems to creep across the galaxy once again, and the Empire awaits his return. Enslaving a weapons factory to design a device more deadly than the Death Star, the Empire sets its plans in motion—to destroy the New Republic once and for all!


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