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Dark Forces: Rebel Agent was an audio dramatization based on William C. Dietz's novel of the same title written by John Whitman. It expands on the story of Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II.

Opening crawl[]

As the story is split into two parts, there are also two opening crawls.

Dark Forces II
As the fight for galactic freedom rages on,
the past and the present collide.
In the present, the Emperor has been destroyed,
and the weakened Empire has shrunk to a fraction
of its former size, while the Rebel Alliance
continues to grow. For a young mercenary named
Kyle Katarn, it has been five years since he'd
betrayed the Empire. Five years since he
abandoned his life as an Imperial officer and
delivered the Death Star Plans to the Rebels.
Five years since the death of his father,
Morgan Katarn. But Kyle cannot escape the memory
of the past. Five years ago he swore to avenge
his father's death. But for all that time,
his oath has gone unfulfilled. As he continues
to search for the unknown Imperial murderers,
Kyle under the watchful eyes of his companion Jan Ors has
become a Rebel agent. But like Kyle himself,
the Alliance cannot forget Katarn's Imperial past.
And the Alliance views him with suspicion.
So Kyle Katarn and the Rebel Alliance hurdle
together toward an unknown future. But as so-often
happens, the future will be determined by the past.
For his own sake, and for the sake of the Alliance
Kyle must unlock the secret to an ancient prophecy,
and uncover the heroic deeds of his father that
took places back in the early days of the Rebellion.…
Dark Forces II
It has been five years since the destruction of
the first Death Star and months since the defeat
of the Empire at the Battle of Endor. Since the
Emperor's fall the fledgling Alliance has
struggled to drive the Empire further and further
back from the worlds it's conquered. But now,
 a new threat has emerged. The Dark Jedi known as
Jerec has uncovered an ancient prophecy and a
source of unbelievable power. Somewhere among
the stars, lies an uncharted planet and a
mysterious place called the Valley of the Jedi.
Only the murdered Rebel leader Morgan Katarn
knew its whereabouts. Recording the secret on a
datadisk for his son Kyle. Unfortunately for the
young Rebel, a scheming droid called 8t88
obtained the disk. The droid was able to decipher
some of its information and deliver it to Jerec
just before Kyle caught up with it. Tracking the
droid to Nar Shaddaa, Kyle recovered the disc but
was wounded in the ensuing battle. Recovering
from his wounds, Kyle receives a vision from the
murdered Jedi Master Rahn. Warning him of the task
he must complete…


Kyle mentions that eight years have passed since the events of Soldier for the Empire, when canonically it would be five years.

As in the prose novel, Leia is referred to as Leia Organa Solo, when she would not be married at this time, even with the incorrect dating mentioned above.


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