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"Meck, back on that Rebel base I wasn't a hero. In fact I could've greased more Rebels. Instead I let them go. Now I find out that Rebels murdered my father, you know how that makes me feel? I saved them, they kill my father? I wish I'd wiped them all out, and if I get the chance again I will. I swear I will."
―Kyle Katarn to Meck Odom — (audio) Listen (file info)[src]

Dark Forces: Soldier for the Empire was an audio drama adapted by John Whitman, based on material covered in the book of the same title written by William C. Dietz. It was made to bridge the events in the video games Dark Forces and Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II. The performance was directed by Peter Moore and featured a score by veteran Star Wars composer John Williams.

Plot summary[edit | edit source]

After learning what happened to his father, Kyle Katarn tells Jan Ors, the Rebel agent whom he allowed to escape from Imperial captivity, that he has changed his mind about serving the Empire. Before he can put any more thought into his defection, however, he discovers that he's being watched—and so is Jan. Kyle throws his lot in with the Rebels as they make a hasty escape from the cruise ship, Star of Empire, and soon finds himself wanted by the Empire. Jan takes him to meet Mon Mothma, a Rebel leader who assigns him to what may very well be a suicide mission. Kyle is ordered to infiltrate an Imperial research facility and steal the plans to the Empire's next doomsday weapon, a mobile space station called the Death Star. Mon Mothma also assigns Jan Ors to provide Kyle with backup. Unbeknownst to him, Jan has secret orders: in the event that Kyle shows any sign of being an Imperial double agent, she is to execute him before he can betray them.

Opening crawl[edit | edit source]

As the story is split into two parts, there are also two opening crawls.

Dark Forces I
It was a time of rebellion.
Across the galaxy, small bands of
freedom fighters have come together to
form an Alliance to resist the tyranny
of the Galactic Empire.
On a thousand worlds the struggle for
freedom has begun. Dividing star systems,
dividing planets, sometimes dividing
father and son.

On a moon call Sulon, orbiting Sullust,
a man called Morgan Katarn feels himself
torn apart as the spectre of Civil War
looms across the galaxy. While his son
Kyle is receiving his education at the
Imperial Academy, Morgan had secretly
joined the Rebellion in hope of leading
his people to a more prosperous future.
But Morgan Katan soon learns the bitter
truth that the Emperor's minions
tolerate no resistance.…
Dark Forces I
In the early days of the Rebellion,
a tentative alliance is formed.
Lieutenant Kyle Katarn who had devoted
the last four years of his life to the
Imperial Academy had just returned
from his first successful mission as an
Imperial Officer.

Hailed as a hero by his teachers and
friends, awarded a Medal of Valour,
Kyle himself was deeply troubled.
At the moment of victory, he had
allowed a group of Rebels, including
a beautiful young woman to escape.
As thoughts of the young Rebel
troubled him, Kyle learned that his
father has been killed.

At first, Kyle blamed the Rebels
for his father's death. But a fateful
meeting with the same beautiful Rebel
revealed to Kyle that the Emperor's
servants were responsible for the murder.
In a swift act of defiance, Kyle tore
the Medal of Valor off his uniform,
utterly rejecting the Empire.
Now, the young soldier hovers between
light and shadow, caught between the
evil Empire,and the fledgling Rebellion.

And no one knows which side will claim him.…

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