Dark Lizards, Dark Devils or Dark Tongues were large, reptilian creatures found on the planet Almas. They were a sentient species derived from hssiss stock, but the dark side of the Force so permeated the beasts that their scales were black, their eyes glowed red-orange, and their auras turned dark. The creatures had 10-centimeter, razor-sharp black teeth, prehensile black tongues, gooey black saliva, and jagged black spines in two rows on their backs with massive wings; only their menacing claws were white. Dark Lizards averaged three meters in length. They moved on all fours, and at full gait, they appeared to gallop. Amphibious, they moved in water as quickly.[1]

The creatures hunted in packs led by the alpha member.[1] They quietly shadowed their prey[2] and attacked with a loud, snarling roar.[3][1] Dark Lizard packs attempted to herd their targets into a small group which the pack could then surround. They used their long tongues to ensnare prey and draw it into range of their teeth and claws. Their long tails were potent weapons, capable of delivering crushing blows.[4]

Power-hungry beings, such as crime lords, valued Dark Lizards as pets.[1] The Sith on the planet Almas kept Dark Lizards, and after the planet's bombardment and the destruction of the Jedi's Almas Academy during Order 66, these formerly cloistered cultists roamed Almas with the creatures in search of victims.[5] Several months after the bombardment, agents working for Jedi Master Denia, Squibs working for Squeerie the salvager, and Ugor scavengers encountered a pack of Dark Lizards near the ruins of the academy. Defeating the beasts was a bonding experience for the three factions, who walked away with a newfound respect for one another.[3]

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The Dark Lizards appear in the adventure Echoes of the Jedi for the Saga Edition of the Star Wars Roleplaying Game from Wizards of the Coast. They attack immediately after a non-combat encounter during which the player characters must negotiate with feuding Squib and Ugor groups.[1] After defeating the monsters, the characters enjoy greater trade terms with the Squibs and Ugors, who now view the characters as their friends.[4] At their discretion, gamemasters may unleash other Dark Lizards on the characters during other portions of the adventure.[2]



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