Dark Lord's Conscience is a comic story first featured in The Empire Strikes Back Monthly 155, written by Alan Moore. It was later reprinted in Classic Star Wars: Devilworlds 1.

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On the planet Cheelit, Darth Vader accepts an invitation to a game of Firepath from the ruler Dhol. During the match the Dark Lord reveals he was also challenged by the Guild of Vindicators to another game of wits, believing they wish to kill him. Meanwhile, outside the Hive Palace, two stormtroopers stand guard against any trouble. Clat the Shamer appears from the night startling the two troopers. Before either of the troopers can fire at the mysterious shape, Clat used his powers as an empath to drive first one trooper, and then the other insane with the guilt of their past deeds.

After dealing with the troopers, Clat moves into the palace, interupting the game of Firepath to confront Vader. While trying to use his empathic powers on the Sith, the Vindicator moves onto the Firepath game board. Believing he had influenced his mind, Clat is surprised when Vader continues to call out a turn in his game. When he does so, the fire meant to consume the game piece burns him instead. After the death of his would-be assassin, Vader admits to knowing that Dhol assisted the Vindicators in luring him to the planet. Vader then executes one last move, burning Dhol to death as well.


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