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Dark Mara was a Force-manifested doppelgänger that appeared to Mara Jade on Dromund Kaas in 10 ABY.


After landing on the remote planet Dromund Kaas, Mara Jade began searching for missing Jedi Kyle Katarn. Nearing the ruins of a Sith Temple, she was attacked by a strange apparition—what appeared to be herself, immersed in the dark side, wearing black clothing, and wielding a red lightsaber. After a difficult battle, Jade emerged victorious. Upon the spirit's defeat, a path leading further into the temple was revealed.

Powers and abilities[]

A formidable opponent, Dark Mara was known to possess skill with a lightsaber as well as prowess in the Force, as shown by her manipulation of chain lightning. Interestingly, she was also able to use the traditionally light side power Force blinding.

Behind the scenes[]

Although never mentioned by name in-game, "Dark Mara" is an enemy and multiplayer character in Mysteries of the Sith. This article's title is derived from the multiplayer character.

The duel was intended to be similar to Luke Skywalker's duel with the Dark Spirit on Dagobah.[1]

Although Dark Mara never speaks in-game, when wounded she emits a cry identical to those of Mara Jade (voiced by Heidi Shannon).

Dark Mara also appears in the hidden level of Mysteries of the Sith, where she fights Luke Skywalker on Cloud City.


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