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"Phoenix Squadron, keep those fighters busy. Green Squadron, attack the lead destroyer."
―Captain Hera Syndulla, to Alliance squadrons[1]

The Dark Omen was an Imperial I-class Star Destroyer that served in the 7th Fleet of the Imperial Navy under Grand Admiral Thrawn. The Dark Omen participated in the Battle of Atollon against the Rebel Alliance under the command of Captain Corf Ferno. During the battle, the Star Destroyer was slightly damaged by BTL-A4 Y-wing assault starfighter/bombers from Green Squadron above Atollon. Along with conducting an orbital bombardment of Chopper Base, the Dark Omen engaged rebel ships as they escaped through a gap between it and the Chimaera.


"Admiral Konstantine, deploy the fleet to these coordinates."
―Grand Admiral Thrawn orders his Star Destroyers, including the Dark Omen to Atollon[1]

The Dark Omen[6] was an Imperial I-class Star Destroyer.[1] It measured at 1,600 meters long[2] and was outfitted with four port and four starboard quad turbolaser turrets, ventral cannons, a hangar bay,[1] two ISD-72x shield generator domes,[4] and a solar ionization reactor.[3] Additionally, the Dark Omen was equipped with a hyperdrive system,[1] and three destroyer-I ion engines with four smaller Gemon-4 ion engines.[3] The Star Destroyer was also stocked with a tractor beam targeting array[5] situated above the starship's bridge and between the two deflector shield domes.[1]


Onset of the Battle of Atollon[]

"Commander Sato. We have Imperial Star Destroyers incoming."
―A rebel pilot warns Commander Sato about the incoming squadron of Star Destroyers[1]

The Dark Omen (lead destroyer) and four other Star Destroyers arrive over Atollon.

The Dark Omen served in the Galactic Empire as part of the Imperial Navy during the Galactic Civil War. By the time of the Lothal campaign,[1] the Dark Omen was under the command of Captain Corf Ferno as part of Grand Admiral Thrawn's 7th Fleet.[6] After Thrawn pinpointed the location of the Rebel Alliance's Chopper Base on[1] the Lothal sector planet[7] Atollon, he had Admiral Kassius Konstantine dispatch[1] a squadron[6] of five Imperial I-class Star Destroyers from Lothal,[1] a planet in the Lothal sector.[8] The Star Destroyers included Ferno's Dark Omen,[6] which was the lead destroyer[1] of the squadron.[6]

With the arrival of Imperial forces in the Atollon system, the Alliance's Phoenix Cell, which was headquartered at Chopper Base and was preparing to launch an attack on Lothal alongside their reinforcements from the Massassi Group rebel cell[1] from the Outer Rim moon[9] Yavin 4,[10] scrambled to evacuate their base of operations and disperse their fleet. Thrawn's flagship, the Chimaera, subsequently arrived. As a result of rebel maneuvers, Grand Admiral Thrawn ordered his ships to deploy TIE fighters and to reinforce the center of their formation. Captain Hera Syndulla ordered the RZ-1 A-wing interceptors of Phoenix Squadron to clear the Imperial fighters while she commanded the BTL-A4 Y-wing assault starfighter/bombers of Green Squadron to attack the Dark Omen.[1]

Continued actions at Atollon[]

"Green group, clear out for another pass."
―Green Leader instructs his squadron to make another bombing run on the Dark Omen[1]

The Dark Omen sustains minimal damage from an attack by Green Squadron.

After Phoenix Squadron cleared a path, a contingent of Green Squadron bombers broke through Imperial lines and made a run for the Dark Omen. Green Leader ordered the bombers to arm their proton torpedoes and to follow him during the bombing run, after which the BTL Y-wing starfighters managed to fly over the Dark Omen's dorsal hull and release a total of four warheads, causing three explosions. The rebel bombers then moved to the ship's portside to conduct another bombing pass but were forced to break off when one of their bombers was destroyed by attacking TIE fighters and the Dark Omen's port batteries.[1] Overall, the Dark Omen was lightly damaged by Green Squadron.[6]

Following the joint destruction of Admiral Konstantine's Interdictor and the rebel flagship, the Alliance Quasar Fire-class cruiser-carrier Phoenix Nest, Jedi Lieutenant Commander Ezra Bridger escaped to summon reinforcements. Thrawn reorganized his formation following this, and all of his Star Destroyers launched an orbital bombardment of Chopper Base[1] to break rebel morale[6] after rebel forces had fled to the surface of Atollon. Despite the bombardment, Chopper Base's deflector shield generator held firm.[1]

The Dark Omen fires upon rebel ships escaping the blockade.

After the subsequent ground assault by Thrawn to capture the rebel leadership and the destruction of the Interdictor cruiser Constrainer by Mandalorian reinforcements brought by Bridger, the last remaining rebel ships fled Atollon's surface and moved towards the Imperial blockade. The rebel ships pushed through a gap between the Chimaera and the Dark Omen. Although several rebel ships, including a CR90 corvette, were destroyed in this final push, the remaining rebel starships escaped the blockade and jumped into hyperspace.[6]

Commanders and crew[]

The Dark Omen was led by Captain Corf Ferno during the Battle of Atollon.

The Dark Omen was part of the 7th Fleet under the command of Grand Admiral Thrawn. Captain Corf Ferno served as the ship's commanding officer during the Battle of Atollon,[6] and Admiral Kassius Konstantine commanded the Star Destroyer squadron's voyage to Atollon until Thrawn arrived. When Thrawn was planetside to oversee the ground attack against Chopper Base and Admiral Konstantine was killed, Lothal sector Governor Arihnda Pryce commanded the entire Imperial fleet at Atollon.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The Dark Omen was first pictured in the mid-season trailer for the third season of the animated television series Star Wars Rebels on January 4, 2017.[11] The ship made its episodic debut in "Zero Hour,"[1] the twenty-first[12] and final episode of the season.[13] The episode was released in two parts on March 25, 2017.[12][14] It went unnamed in the episode until the 2021 reference book Star Wars: Battles that Changed the Galaxy provided the ship's name.[6]


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