Dark Times 10: Parallels, Part 5 is the tenth issue in the Star Wars: Dark Times comic series.

Publisher's summary[]

A resolute few fight for their lives—and the lives of their friends—in a final fight with serious consequences for those left standing.

Confronted with a nightmare scenario, Jedi Master K'Kruhk is thrust into a battle unlike any he has ever faced. To save those in his care, he may be forced to lose himself. Elsewhere, Bomo Greenbark unleashes an unrivaled fury upon the captors of the crew of the Uhumele. His friends will have their freedom, and he will have his revenge!

The shocking conclusion to "Parallels"!

Plot's Summary[]

In Mimban, Bomo Greenbark tries to rescue the remaining crew of Uhumele from the clutches of the criminal Haka Hai, releasing the engineer Ratty in order to him go rescue the crew, Greenberk is helped by the pilot Crys Taanzer in finishing with Haka's henchmen. After single-handed defeated them all, and after Ratty rescued the crew, they set back to the ship.

Meanwhile on an Unidentified moon, Jedi Master K'Kruhk fights, together with Padawan Chase Piru, the pirates of the Gotal Lumbra in order to save the younglings from the Soaring Hawkbat Clan from being sold to the Empire. After a vicious battle with the pirates K'Kruhk is able to rescue the younglings, but with the price of them watching the violence nessessary to that, something they won't forget easy.



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