Dark Times 12: Vector, Part 6 is the twelfth issue in the Star Wars: Dark Times comic series. It is the second and final issue of Dark Times to feature the Star Wars: Vector cross-over story arc and is the sixth issue in the overall arc.

Publisher's summary[]

Darth Vader confronts the legacy of the ancient Sith—and the ancient Jedi—as the Star Wars event of the year concludes its second chapter!

Bomo Greenbark and the crew of the Uhumele find themselves unwilling witnesses to a conflict between good and evil... and eviler! The outcome of this battle will affect not only their lives, but could change the fate of the galaxy forever. In his search for power, has Vader taken on more than he can handle?

This is the second phase of "Vector", a 12-part storyline that will run through every Star Wars title, from Knights of the Old Republic, to Dark Times, to Rebellion, to Legacy.

Darth Vader versus a Knight of the Old Republic!



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