Dark Times 4: The Path to Nowhere, Part 4 is the fourth issue of the Star Wars: Dark Times comic series.

Publisher's summary[]

How many bad deeds can be justified by one good deed? In order to help his friend Bomo Greenbark, Jedi Dass Jennir has been forced into a series of questionable actions—and none is more potentially destructive than the one he now contemplates.

Or is this the true genius of Palpatine's evil? The Jedi, their status destroyed and their order broken, must now become outlaws and lawbreakers in order to do what was once considered their duty.

The dark times have barely begun, and already Dass Jennir is so engulfed in darkness, he wonders if he will ever find his way back!

Plot summary[]

After a infiltration on the slaver's camp, and discovery of the death of Bomo Greenbark's wife, Mesa, the Jedi Dass Jennir sets off alone to discover the whereabouts of Resa. After intimidating a Zabrak for information concerning the slave trader, Jennir arrives in the property of a Chagrian named Orso Meeto, who gives him the coordinates of the buyer, a human named Dezono Qua. After finishing with Meeto, Jennir heads back to the Uhumele, and travels to Esseles in the hope of finding Bomo's daughter. Meanwhile, on New Plympto, while part of the Imperial Fleet is there after the Battle of Half-Axe Pass, Commanders Vill and Appo discuss the stealing of a Nimbus Starfighter and a future mission on the world of Murkhana.



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