Dark Times 8: Parallels, Part 3 is the eighth issue in the Star Wars: Dark Times comic series.

Publisher's summary[]

Bomo Greenbark and the smuggler crew of the Uhumele are caught in the crossfire between two criminal gangs, both of whom want what the crew has. But Captain Heren still has one trick left to play—and it will result in a dangerous surprise for Jedi Master K'Kruhk, who is half a galaxy away and who believes himself to be out of peril.

These are the dark times, and nobody gets away easy—if they even get out alive!

Somebody is betrayed, somebody dies!



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Behind the scenes[]

When Haka Hai's men are about to torture Bomo Greenbark, one of them comments on Bomo's legs, saying that they're too short to reach the shackles. In the Star Wars: Dark Times: Parallels trade paperback, he simply says, "Hold his legs still!"

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