Dark Vendetta is a short story written by Eric S. Trautmann and illustrated by Russell Walks. It was featured in Star Wars Galaxy #8, set in 10 BBY.

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After an intense Imperial interrogation on Coruscant, the battered and beaten Corwin Shelvay and his Sullustan Jedi Master Darrin Arkanian attempt to find Captain Rashh and get off the planet. They're confronted by Imperial High Inquisitor Antinnis Tremayne, who engages Arkanian in a lightsaber battle. Soon, a group of Stormtroopers arrive and point their guns at Shelvay, and Tremayne tells Darrin to drop his lightsaber, or his Padawan would be killed. Arkanian reluctantly turns off his lightsaber, allowing Tremayne to swing his own lightsaber at the Sullustan, killing him. Suddenly, Shelvay grabs his master's lightsaber and, in one slash, cuts off Tremayne's arm and part of his face, which would later be replaced by prosthetic arm and cybernetic eye, respectively.

When Tremayne woke up from his medical bed, he was met by Darth Vader, who showed clear disappointment in Tremayne's failure to obtain any information from the two Jedi. Tremayne vowed he would not fail again.

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