"I got this crazy healing ability. I can see the weak points in you like little broken red lines! I can see where you got wounded recently. Someone smack you during a sparring session? Bet it was Nihl. I could heal that hurt. Pour the Force into the place where the red lines intersect. Or—and here's a new idea—Maybe I could explode that point. Kill you. Interesting idea. Should we try?"
―Cade Skywalker to Darth Talon, after she had attacked him[src]

Dark transfer[1][4] was an extremely rare Force power that allowed the user to bring others back to life from the brink of death;[3] it could initially only be accessed through the dark side.[2] The only person confirmed to have ever learned this skill on their own was Cade Skywalker, who used it to resurrect Wolf Sazen[3] and Marasiah Fel,[5] and to prevent the coral seed deaths of Deliah Blue and Jariah Syn.[6]

Cade also learned to use this Force power to kill, as shown when he used it on Darth Talon after she attacked him for being impudent to Darth Krayt. At Krayt's request, he later healed the damage he caused to Talon.[7]

When Cade and Azlyn Rae were infected with the Rakghoul plague, Cade used this ability to rid them of it, a feat that had only previously been done with the Rakghoul serum.[8]

Later, Cade discovered—thanks to the advice of his former Master Wolf Sazen—that he could also use this Force power with the light side of the Force instead of "only the dark side" as he originally assumed. Cade was able to use the power of the light side to revive both Deliah Blue[2] and his mother Morrigan Corde, based on his love for them.[9]

Krayt revealed to Cade that he also learned how to control the Dark transfer from Cade, Darth Andeddu, and Karness Muur, and used it to resurrect himself after his murder by Darth Wyyrlok. He used it to simultaneously kill and revive Cade Skywalker to sway him to the dark side, but Cade resisted and used the opportunity to finally defeat Krayt.[4]

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In the cut story Emanations of Darkness, Jaalib Brandl demonstrated an ability very similar to Dark transfer. In a climactic duel with his former flame, Fable Astin, Jaalib inadvertently forces his love from the top of a tall precipice. Fable's body is badly shattered on the rocks below, and she is dangerously near death. However, Jaalib cannot bear to have his one true love die at his own hand. Harnessing the power of the dark side, Jaalib saved Fable from death and healed her, but at great cost to himself, causing him to be captured by New Republic forces.

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