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Darkknell was a terrestrial planet located in the Outer Rim Territories, specifically in the Knel'char system, Grumani sector.


Darkknell orbited three aging and weak suns in the Knel'char system. The main star Knel'char I was a dying star while the smaller Knel'char II and Knel'char III were too weak to provide adequate sunlight to the planet. These two smaller suns orbited each other as they circled Knel'char I. A standard day on Darkknell lasted 32 standard hours due to the planet's slow rotation, which resulted in very long days and nights depending on latitude and seasonal patterns. These factors contributed to the planet's distinctive name of "Darkknell." Despite these factors, its terrestrial atmosphere made it a suitable home for various species, including Humans, Duros, and Sullustans.[1]

Darkknell was situated along the strategically important hyperlane Hydian Way and was an important trading center for millennia. Due to its strategic location, Darkknell became the regional headquarters for several galactic corporations and briefly served as the capital of Sith Lord Daiman's Daimanate during the Republic Dark Age. Known exports included iridum and other products essential to the manufacture of starfighters.[1] Known urban centers included Xakrea and Raykel.[4]


Between 3701 BBY and 3699 BBY the Hydian Way was charted through Darkknell as part of the Seswenna Expansion.[2] During the Sith civil war, the planet was part of the Chagras Hegemony. However, after the death of its ruler and the fragmentation of the Hegemony under various warring Sith Lords, Darkknell became the capital of the Daimanate, the personal domain of the Sith Lord Daiman.[1] Under his rule, he had large statues and holographic projectors depicting himself constructed to maintain the population in a perpetual state of cognitive dissonance.[6] He also had the main city Xakrea rebuilt as his capital and built a large heptagonal fortress known as the Sanctum Celestial.[1]

By 1032 BBY, Darkknell's defense forces had been weakened by the distribution of Deluge spice by Grace Command's top-secret Operation Deluge. Daiman responded by culling half of his defense force.[5] Following the Aquilaris campaign, Darkknell sustained large-scale damage during an artificial global flood created by the Hutt crimelord Zodoh during the Battle of Darkknell. The planet was only saved through the efforts of the Jedi Knight Kerra Holt and the Republic starfighter captain Jenn Devaad, who destroyed Zodoh's flagship Voracious which was responsible for coordinating a fleet of Stormdrivers, capital ships capable of generating artificial atmospheric storms and floods. Zodoh was captured and subsequently executed by Daiman, who wanted to smart the humiliation of being temporarily rendered impotent during the flooding.[6]

During the Clone Wars, the planet was located within Separatist space.[2] It was here that Garm Bel Iblis, while reluctantly working alongside the master thief and con artist Moranda Savich, gained information on the Death Star construction.[4]

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The planet is misspelled as Darknell in the novel Darth Plagueis.



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