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The Darkshear, also known as the spear of midnight black, was a dark side Force power. It enabled the Force-user to summon energy from the Force, usually solely from the dark side, forge an imperceivable melee weapon in the form of a spear.

It is possible that Kyle Katarn used this technique to kill Dark Jedi Boc Aseca in their duel in Valley of the Jedi on Ruusan, forging a spear of midnight black and hurling it at a momentarily distracted Boc's chest, much to the delight of the Sith spirits that were trapped in the Valley.

Behind the scenes[]

While this technique is not available in the computer game Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II, it is described in the novel Dark Forces: Jedi Knight as the method that Katarn uses to kill Boc. However, in the game, Boc is killed simply by the lightsaber duel.



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