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"On Darkside, respect has to be earned."
Dina Mertz, chief tech officer of Darkside[src]

Darkside was a space station built on an asteroid in the Cularin system asteroid belt. It was used as a repair station by the criminal organization of the Cularin system. The station had a bad reputation among the smugglers, and many workers filed for transfers from the station on psychiatric grounds, which led to the station's name. Other possible origin of the name was because the station was always in the shadow of three other bigger asteroids.[1]

The crewers of Darkside were a surly, quiet lot, focused on their jobs. The boss of the station was the Bothan Vin Tal'benes, who commonly complained because he was in need of technical qualified staff but received mostly the remains of personnel not required elsewhere. Personnel rotation was too high that Tal'benes was commonly training newcomers.[1]

In the dark, not-often-used back corridors of Darkside lurked strange shadow lurkers, which drained the electrical charges from power cells on such items as blasters and glowrods. The crewers of the station were largely ignorant of these creatures, though it seemed to be the ignorance of refusing to acknowledge their existence. Another mystery of the back corridors of Darkside was a green room which could move to different points on the station with a flash of red light.[1]

Payday on Darkside was sometimes a special occasion as Nirama would send shipments of supplies on that day. The good food and good drink were a cause to celebrate, and once he even sent a band. The cantina on Darkside was called simply Bar. Darkside had been previously controlled by Nirama's predecessor Riboga the Hutt, but Riboga's policies about Darkside are unknown.[1]

The Cell, a faction of the Organization wanting to oust Nirama, had a presence on Darkside in 32 BBY, but they were locally considered harmless urchins. Nevertheless, a raid by Nirama's forces took out all of the local leadership (except for Ahlya, Dor Balse, Kruss Gaal, Jarrilyn, Jasper and Michael, all of them low-level members of the Cell). Not knowing how thoroughly he had upset the Cell there, Nirama sent a group of spies to Darkside. The spies were able to find the few remaining members of the Cell there and turned them over to Nirama.[1]

Although the spies left Darkside and the Cell leaders were captured at the same time, most of the people in Darkside did not connect both facts, as people came and went all the time. Local security chief Nala Noos understood the meaning but, as she was loyal to Nirama, decided not to tell anyone about Nirama's undercover agents. Noos was re-assigned to Rothe Gate soon afterwards.[2]


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