"The Sith do not exist! They are a story used to frighten children! Do I look like a child to you?"
― Darnada to Hath Monchar[1]

Darnada was a male Dug member of the criminal syndicate Black Sun and the owner of Deep Space Demolition and Removal. Serving as one of nine vigos under the leadership of Alexi Garyn, Darnada aided in the operations of Black Sun across the galaxy and worked out of his space station for years until his execution at the hands of the young Sith Darth Maul. His murder was the first move of Maul's destruction of Black Sun's leadership, driving the other Vigos, along with Garyn, to meet at Garyn's castle on Ralltiir, where they could be slaughtered in a group.


Early life[]

A male Dug, Darnada was the youngest son of the Black Sun Vigo, Boss Cabra. In 67 BBY, a young Darnada was stationed aboard his father's Deep Space Demolition and Removal space station during the arrival of his father's financier Magister Hego Damask aboard the Woebegone. Greeting the Muun alongside a high-ranking female Nikto, Darnada did not appreciate the banker's callous tone or way of address. When Darnada became angered at being called a pup, the Nitko grabbed Darnada by the throat and ordered him to address his father's business partners with respect.[2]

Darnada continued to work alongside his father over the years, their businesses benefiting greatly from their relations with Damask Holdings. Darnada accompanied Cabra on a trip to Malastare in 54 BBY to attend a banquet at which time they interacted with several prolific members of the Galactic Senate, particularly the delegation from Naboo. During a discussion with Senator Vidar Kim, Darnada had to be constantly restrained by his father when Kim implied that the Dugs were indebted to Gardulla the Hutt.[2]

Vigo of Black Sun[]

"Peddle your delusions elsewhere!"
―Darnada to Hath Monchar[1]
Darnadas death

Darnada's death at the hands of Darth Maul.

Sometime after the meeting on Malastare Boss Cabra died and Darnada replaced him as one of the nine vigos of Black Sun. Operating out of his family's space station, Darnada maintained his father's large criminal and business contacts so as to keep the power his family had accumulated. Around 33 BBY, Vigo Darnada met with a high-ranking Neimoidian of the Trade Federation, Hath Monchar. Monchar had been frightened away from his position in power after his superior, Viceroy Nute Gunray had initiated dealings with the Sith. Offering Darnada information regarding the long thought extinct Order of the Sith Lords, the Dug allowed his pride to send him into a fit of rage. Skeptical of Monchar's credibility, Darnada deemed the information ludicrous and impossible and dismissed the Neimoidian.[1]

In lieu of Monchar's visit and a Black Sun attack on Sojourn, the vigos of Black Sun unknowingly became the targets of the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Sidious and his master, Darth Plagueis. Due to time restraints, the Sith would not be able to hunt down the vigos separately and kill them; instead the Sith would need to lure them together so they could die at once. In order to draw them out Sidious decided to send his apprentice, Darth Maul, to wipe out Darnada's entire space base.[2]

Following Monchar's visit Darnada received a tatooed Zabrak into his audience chamber who presented himself as Maul. Suspicious of the Zabrak, Darnada ordered his Twi'lek bodyguard Sinya to interview him before the assembly. Sinya attempted to intimidate Maul but received only a pronouncement of the Zabrak's intention of murdering all in attendance. Igniting his double-bladed lightsaber, Maul slaughtered nearly everyone in the chamber, including Sinya. Disarming Vigo Darnada with the Force, Maul impaled the frantic Dug through the eye with his crimson lightsaber. As the room settled into the silence of death, Maul allowed only a single man, Asa Naga, to escape from the space station. Per the Sith's plan, Naga reported the attack to the other vigos, leading them to gather together at a fortress on Ralltiir.[1]

Personality and traits[]

Growing up as the son of an influential vigo and businessman, Darnada was entitled and accustomed to a life where others did as they were told and obeyed his commands. Quick to speak, arrogant, and aggressive, Darnada was self-confident to a fault, often times speaking out of turn when addressing beings of greater or equal power.[2] Self-absorbed and consumed by his wealth and his position in Black Sun, Darnada surrounded himself with beautiful alien women and bodyguards to ensure pleasure and safety respectively. Dressing in finery and sporting a monocle, Darnada enjoyed smoking an unknown substance through a long holder; he carried a holdout blaster on his belt.[1]


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