"You are not familiar with Darshi?"
"I am not. Are they from the Unknown Regions?"
"I believe they are a border people. I know little about them except their basic appearance. They travel both Wild Space and the Unknown Regions."
―Thrawn, and Darth Vader discuss the Darshi[src]

The Darshi, known as Thinfaces to residents of Batuu, were a sentient species that were employed by the warlike Grysk from the Unknown Regions. The Darshi themselves were believed by Thrawn to be a border society that travelled both Wild Space and the Unknown Regions. The culture of the Darshi were not deeply studied by the Chiss Ascendancy, and stories did not portray them as violent. As such, the Darshi were not generally believed to show violent tendencies to outsiders.[1]

Around 174 days before a skirmish on Batuu where a group of Darshi attacked Thrawn and Darth Vader, a group of Darshi arrived on the planet Batuu and claimed they were on a pilgrimage. The group of Darshi built houses for themselves to the east of Black Spire Outpost due to claims that their journey required them to remain on Batuu for an extended period of time. After the construction of the houses, they spent three days meditating in the woods to the north, and filled Black Spire Outpost's with their ships, constantly arriving and leaving to distant locales on unknown errands.[1]

As a result, the Darshi drove away merchants, ships were discouraged from landing, and others abandoned Batuu entirely. The Darshi had also paid handsomely for the best food and resources, although some Batuu residents were not content with this, in particular business owners. Eighteen days before the skirmish, a new group of Darshi arrived with ten coffins.[1]

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