Darshyn was a male Anomid refugee who lived on the planet Nar Shaddaa during the Cold War.


At some point, Darshyn and his friend Enaq met a young woman named Kira Carsen, who had escaped from the reconstituted Sith Empire and a fate as a Child of the Emperor. Carsen joined their group of refugees and live with them for nearly eight years. When a street gang called the Ur'kossags began terrorizing the refugees, Darshyn and Enaq were shocked when Kira ended up killing several gang members and left the planet.

In 3643 BBY, Darshyn and Enaq encountered Kira and her new Jedi Master when they were attacked by the Ur'kossags. Carsen did not realize it, her actions gave her friends a bad reputation, and the group had suffered for it. After Enaq thanked Carsen for the aid, Darshyn was furious that she had returned. Carsen was surprised to learn of the consequences of her actions, but remained confident that she had done the right thing.


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