Concealed dart launcher

Deliah Blue uses a concealed dart launcher.

Dart shooters were commonplace where stealth was necessary, designed to fool security systems with their discreetness. They were also favored by citizens who felt the need to arm themselves inconspicuously. Prax Arms was a notable manufacturer of dart shooters.

The weapon itself was very simple in design, using a high tension spring to launch a metal dart coated in nerve toxin. The palm weapons had only a very short range of three to four meters, but their compact size made these shooters easily concealable until the target was in range. Many dart shooters had the ability to carry three darts, while more could be easily stowed away in a false comlink or wristband.

More typical dart shooters had an optimum range of up to ten meters, though some of the more sophisticated models, which used compressed air to launch their darts, could reach ten times that range. These weapons were larger and less easily hidden, but had larger ammo capacity, with most able to contain up to six darts. The weapons themselves were only around 100g in weight.

The darts themselves were commonly around five centimeters long, and could be coated in a variety of substances from stun chemicals to deadly Malkite themfar and Fex-M3 nerve toxins able to kill in less than ten seconds.

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