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Darth Arctis was a male Dark Lord of the Sith of the resurgent Sith Empire and Dark Council member during the Cold War. At one point during the Cold War, the forces of his fellow Councilor Darth Hadra—the head of the Sphere of Technology but also the ruler of Dromund Kaas—discovered an ancient Sith shrine outside Kaas City and tried to claim it. Arctis quickly challenged Hadra's claim, saying that the shrine fell within the bounds of his Sphere of Ancient Knowledge's influence. He then began to "negotiate" with Hadra for control of the shrine.[2]

After the Sith Lord Darth Skotia was killed in suspicious circumstances and Darth Thanaton wished to punish Darth Zash, the most likely perpetrator, Arctis sided against Thanaton and supported the Dark Council in raising Zash to Skotia's former position.[1]

In circa 3641 BBY, Thanaton acceded to the Dark Council after Arctis' sudden death. No one knew how he died.[1]


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