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A Jedi Master was a member of the Jedi Order who served the Galactic Republic. This Jedi was the Master of a Padawan who would eventually take the name Darth Bandon and become Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Malak's Sith apprentice during the Jedi Civil War.


A Jedi lived around the time of the Mandalorian Wars, and trained a Human male Padawan who would eventually come to be known as Darth Bandon. Bandon's Master tried to curb the the brash young man's anger and hatred, but Bandon chafed under his master's guidance.[1] Shortly after the heroes of the Mandalorian Wars, the former Jedi Knights Revan and Malak, declared war on the Jedi Council[3] and the Galactic Republic, Bandon betrayed his Master, defecting to Revan's Sith Empire[2] during the ensuing Jedi Civil War. Bandon would go on to became a student in the revitalized Sith Academy on the Sith homeworld of Korriban, and eventually Darth Malak's apprentice and Shadow Hand.[4]

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The Jedi Master was first mentioned in entry for Darth Bandon in the official strategy guide for the 2003 Xbox and PC video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. The Jedi's role in Bandon's Jedi training was also mentioned in 2009's Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide.


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