"I will try to make this both quick and painful."
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Darth Bandon was a male Human Sith apprentice to Darth Malak during the Jedi Civil War.


Though trained in his early life as a Jedi, Bandon was never at peace with the ideas inherent in the Jedi Code. He lusted for power and influence, and the peaceful ideals of the Jedi way angered him, as he felt that he was never in control of his destiny and that his life would be ruled by the Jedi Code. Longing for independence, Bandon relied heavily on his emotions, especially the rage that flowed through him, and, as a result, fled the Jedi Order to join the Sith Academy on Korriban as the Sith Empire rose to power.

Bandon completely embraced the dark side and this, coupled with his strength in the Force and utter ruthlessness, soon brought him to the attention of Darth Malak. Malak took Bandon as his apprentice, imparting much of his Sith knowledge to him.

Malak was not disappointed with his choice for many Jedi soon found themselves on the wrong ends of Bandon's double-bladed lightsaber. It was not long before rumors began to spread that Bandon would challenge Malak for the right to rule, as was the manner of the Sith.[1]


Ironically, Bandon had led the boarding party that stormed the Endar Spire, and had a clear shot to kill the mind-wiped Revan on the doomed ship. However, before Bandon could do so, Trask Ulgo made a desperate and futile charge, giving Revan time to flee to safety. It is unknown if Bandon actually recognized the man as Revan at the time.

However, whatever Bandon planned for the future never came to fruition. Following the failure and resultant death of bounty hunter Calo Nord, Malak ordered Bandon to hunt down and detain Bastila Shan and the reborn Revan. Bandon set off to find Revan accompanied by two of his strongest Dark Jedi with the arrogant presumption he would destroy him.

Unsurprisingly, Revan recognized Bandon during their later confrontation and told him he would pay for killing his friend. It is not known on which world Bandon finally confronted Malak's former master, but the battle fought between him and Revan was incredibly fierce. Bandon, despite all his skill, was struck down by a far more powerful Revan along with his companions. With Bandon dead, Darth Malak soon set out to find another apprentice.[2]

Personality and traits

Bandon was known for his ruthless and sadistic streak. It was not unknown for him to take the lives of several people either as an act of self entertainment or to enforce his position and damage equipment for a perceived transgression as minor as walking in his way or trying to talk to him.

Bandon also wore a custom set of light fiber armor, fitted to his robes. He was capable of using Force lightning, Death Field, Force Push and had a red double-bladed lightsaber.[2]

Behind the scenes

  • Lord Bandon was more likely referrenced to Darth Maul. They were both Sith apprentices, they were both bald, and they both wielded double-bladed weapons.
  • Like the battle against Calo Nord, the planet on which Revan battles Bandon is determined by the order in which the Star Maps are obtained. Bandon appears on the planet where the third Star Map (not counting Dantooine) is to be found (if the player goes in the order of planets at which Vandar Tokare lists them, then Darth Bandon should most likely appear on Manaan in the Hrakert Rift). This usually occurs before Revan's capture by the Leviathan, however, it can occur after depending on variations in gameplay.
  • Darth Bandon's name likely came from the word abandon.
  • If you have already found three Star Maps (counting the one on Dantooine), and for any reason return to the site of one of the previous ones, Darth Bandon will confront you.
  • Bandon is normally accompanied by two hooded Dark Jedi. However, if you encounter him on Korriban, he is instead accompanied by two students from the Sith Acadamy.




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