"Baras is a serious man but a master of deception. Everything he does and says is calculated. He will attempt to trip you up, test your nature, get to the heart of who you are. Always take him seriously. And I mean always."
Overseer Tremel[9]

Darth Baras was a Human male Dark Lord of the Sith of the resurgent Sith Empire during the Great Galactic War waged between the Empire and the Galactic Republic as well as the brother of Darth Ekkage. Once the apprentice of Darth Vengean, he served the Empire as ambassador to Alderaan during the peace talks at the close of the war. He was instrumental in the Treaty of Coruscant and later returned to Korriban to report his success on Alderaan to the Sith Emperor's Dark Council.

As the Cold War began to progress and escalate, Baras and his bitter rival, Darth Angral, attempted to bring a most promising Jedi Knight, future Grand Master Satele Shan, to the dark side of the Force on Dantooine, but failed. Nevertheless, it brought out Baras' strategy of breaking Jedi who were unwilling to live with the Treaty of Coruscant.

Over time, Baras planned on becoming the Voice of the Emperor. To do this, he selected and manipulated an apprentice of his own to eliminate all that opposed him, including Darth Vengean, head of the Sphere of Military Offense, which allowed him to take his former master's place on the Dark Council. However, this ambition became his undoing, when his former apprentice challenged him to a duel and slew him before the Dark Council.


Great Galactic War[]

Darth Baras was trained in the ways of the Force by Darth Vengean, a member of the Dark Council.[7] In time, he and his sister, Darth Ekkage, rose as high ranking members of the Sith Empire.[9]

During the Great Galactic War, Baras fought against Jedi Master Wyellett and his Padawan Xerender. The duel ended in draw, but Wyellett stole Baras' lightsaber after failing to redeem the Dark Lord and had been using it ever since, symbolizing it as a weapon of darkness brought into light. When Wyellett was captured to be delivered to Baras, his prison ship was shot down over Hoth and Baras assumed he perished.[9]

Baras eventually managed to create a large Imperial spy network of his own to sabotage the efforts of the Republic and Jedi. However, his plans were largely thrawrted by Jedi Master Nomen Karr, who had gone undercover behind Sith lines to expose the Baras under the name "Retrost". While undercover, Karr was able to capture Baras' sister, and then turned on the Sith himself at Nal Hutta. The two engaged in a fierce duel that nearly left both dead. However, Baras was unable to overcome his enemy, and Karr escaped back to the Republic. This incident sparked a years long rivalry between the two.[1]

Sacking of Coruscant[]

"…never again will I stay my hand when the destruction of the Republic and the Jedi is within my reach."
"Never again will that be necessary. I assure you."
―Darths Angral and Baras[11]
Baras vs Satele

Baras defends himself from sudden attack by Satele Shan

Baras was one of the individuals who represented the Sith Empire in the many peace talks with the Galactic Republic on Alderaan. At the beginning of the Sacking of Coruscant, Supreme Chancellor Berooken contacted the Jedi and Senator Paran Am-Ris via holotransmission and warned them that the Empire was attacking Coruscant. Then, the approaching figure of Darth Angral came into view and prepared to strike down Berooken personally, ending the message. In response, Jedi Knight Satele Shan engaged Baras in combat. During the duel, Baras explained that the Jedi would be forced to accept peace quickly on the Sith's terms. Shan would stand down from the duel upon the request of her former master Dar'Nala.[11]

Outside the meeting, another Jedi, Aryn Leneer, felt the death of her former master Ven Zallow and lashed out at two Sith, both of whom were brother and sister. Only then did Syo Bakarn and Dar'Nala come to see the commotion and order her to stop. When explained that Coruscant was in "Imperial hands," Leener did not want to believe it, but Baras smugly concluded that it was indeed so. He asked what happened and the male Sith said that it was just "a slight disagreement." Baras reminded everyone that the Sith had come to Alderaan to discuss peace with the Republic. Senator Am-Ris, however, responded with rage that the Sith were nothing but "dishonorable liars" who had used the negotiations to "mask a sneak attack on Coruscant." Dar'Nala soon calmed the Cerean down and told Baras that the peace discussions would continue,[12] even though she didn't hide much of her outrage afterwards.[11] Both delegates agreed to finish matters the next day.[12]

After the treaty was signed, Baras returned to Korriban and met with the rest of the Dark Council in the Sith Academy. The Council congratulated him on the success of the negotiations, saying they were thinking of giving him more power. Baras said he had everything he wanted, and would have to decline any offer for more power.[11]

Later, Baras was attacked by Darth Angral, who had led the attack on Coruscant. Angral said if Baras had held the negotiations out longer, he could have killed all the Jedi on the planet. Baras countered by saying he was attacked because of Angral's murder of Chancellor Berooken, which could have gotten him killed, and that he had simply followed the Emperor's orders. Angral said that next time he had the chance to destroy the Jedi and Republic he would not hesitate. In response, Baras simply stated that such hesitation would never again be necessary.[11]

Aftermath of the Treaty[]

Dantooine skirmish JMGD

Darths Baras and Angral fight the Jedi on Dantooine.

Baras later learned that Master Dar'Nala was behind a Sith attack on the Envoy, and Baras decided to use this to his own advantage: Baras believed correctly that Satele Shan was Darth Revan's descendant, and wanted the scion of such a powerful Dark Lord with the Sith.[13] While Baras was still on Korriban, a Wookiee bounty hunter named Dalborra had arrived for payment after assisting Captain Sivill. During this time, an Imperial military transport had blown up. Baras came to investigate, and a soldier reported that Angral claimed Republic spies were responsible and that the Republic was already going back on the treaty. Baras became suspicious of Angral's behavior.[13]

An unknown assailant attempted to assassinate Baras, managing to stab him in the back, but the Sith Lord beat the attack off. Suspecting Angral was behind it, Baras informed the Dark Council that Angral was behind the disruption of the treaty. Angral, meanwhile, had learned that Baras, not the Republic, was the one who was disrupting the treaty and intended to confront him about it. When Baras was confronted by Angral, he tried to persuade Angral over to his side.[13]

Baras and Angral later went to Crystal Cave of Dantooine, where they were attacked by Dar'Nala and a number of her supporters, Fortris Gall and Harron Tavus. When Shan showed up, Baras put his plan into action: he revealed to Shan that her Master was the true mastermind behind the attacks aimed to disrupt the treaty. Calling the Jedi hateful, hypocrites and traitors to their own beliefs, he called on Shan to join the Sith in order to protect peace.[14]

Shan, however, refused to submit to the dark side as her master had. The battle ended with Dar'Nala's death at the hands of Dalborra after her madness was revealed to her allies. Baras allowed Shan and her friends to leave, but told them they could not hope to defeat the Sith.[14]

The Cold War[]

Darth Baras Armor

Darth Baras in his Sith armor during the Cold War

In the later days of the Cold War, Baras had several apprentices, including Dri'kill Ba'al and Sith Lord Draahg, whom he secretly placed to serve under his own master Darth Vengean. Vengean opposed the treaty and together he and Baras spent years placing hidden operatives in the ranks of the Republic and devising Plan Zero that listed key Republic individuals that needed to be eliminated as soon as the conflict grew anew. In 3643 BBY Baras went to Korriban to seek out another apprentice. He sensed a disturbance in the Force as a terentatek was slain in the tomb of Marka Ragnos, which was the work of an aspiring Sith Warrior, brought to Korriban by Overseer Tremel. Requesting the presence of the acolyte, Baras determined that the Warrior knew nothing of the Sith Code. Thus, he sent the Warrior to kill Tremel and later to collect tablets from the tomb of Tulak Hord, pitting the acolyte against a rival named Vemrin.[9]

For the last trial, Baras sent the acolyte to collect an ancient lightsaber from the tomb of Naga Sadow with the assistance of a Twi'lek pirate named Vette, whilst Vemrin was to head to his quarters for instructions. However, Vemrin disobeyed and tried to ambush the Warrior in the tomb, only to be defeated and killed. With the strongest of the group remaining, Baras chose the Warrior as his apprentice.[10]

A New Threat[]

Baras: "Argh! I cannot break him!"
Sith Warrior: "Nice lungs you got there."
Baras: "Mind your tongue, or I will cut it out!"
Vette: "Okay, I'm officially scared."
―Baras shows his frustration in the search for answers[9]
Darth Baras

Baras tortures Grik Sonosan

Upon reuniting with his new apprentice on Dromund Kaas,[15] Baras had the Warrior retrieve a carbonite-frozen Republic SIS agent Grik Sonosan, who was investigating one of his invisible spies on Nar Shaddaa.[16] Baras was concerned, having received visions through the Force hinting that Sonosan had information that could compromise his network of spies. While his apprentice was dispatched for other tasks against his rivals, Baras found himself frustrated at trying to break the Republic agent, as some unknown power shielded his mind.[8][17] Thus, he sent his apprentice into the Dark Temple to retrieve a dark side device called the Ravager, designed and used by the Emperor to break even the strongest mind. Though he didn't expect his apprentice to survive, he was proven wrong. With the Ravager in hand, Baras was finally able to break the agent, who confessed that his nemesis Nomen Karr, had found a new Padawan, who could see the true nature of any being. Already, she had compromised his agents on Balmorra and Nar Shaddaa. But before he could tell Baras the identity and whereabouts of the Padawan, the Ravager had fully liquefied his mind. With his network at risk, Baras deployed his apprentice, providing a Fury-class Imperial interceptor to neutralizing his agents quietly, without arising suspicion, before they were exposed. He couldn't recall his spies, as their disappearance would look suspicious and serve to confirm Karr's accusations.[18]

Once both agent Dellocon and commander Rylon were dealt with, Baras informed his apprentice that Karr had set up a listening station tracking the Warrior's ship. He dispatched his apprentice to destroy the outpost and reveal to his nemesis that they knew of his Padawan's existense.[9]

Afterwards, Baras decided that they must focus their attention on Karr's Padawan. But, as Karr was determined to protect her no matter what, Baras concluded that they should strike at people held dear to her. The anguish his apprentice would cause her, drew the young Jedi out of hiding so that she could be killed. However, the Warrior suggested that they could turn the Padawan to the dark side. Baras admitted that acquiring her allegiance and power could be a great asset to their cause. However, he warned his apprentice that seduction to the dark side should be left to true Sith Masters. He then sent his apprentice after the Padawan's—known as Jaesa Willsaam—Master Yonlach on Tatooine and her parents on Alderaan.[9]

Eventually, things came at a head as Karr called out Baras to challenge him to a duel to the death. Baras' apprentice meanwhile went to meet with Jaesa but Karr discovered her plan and sent two Jedi Knights instead. Baras remarked that both Master and Padawan have become unhinged at the Warrior's exploits. Baras had no interest in meeting his foe's call, having long outgrown their little dispute. Instead he sent his apprentice, who defeated Karr and seduced Jaesa to the dark side, something that took even Baras by surprise. As a reward for this action, he bestowed upon the apprentice the title of Sith Lord.[9]

Plan Zero[]

Some time later, Baras called his apprentice to perform a task at the behest of Darth Vengean, who was dissatisfied with the Treaty of Coruscant and was looking to restart hostilities with the Republic. He sent his apprentice to Nar Shaddaa to assassinate General Karastace Gonn, who had been barring the Empire from conquering the fringe systems.[9]

Once the Warrior was successful, Baras reported to Vengean via hologram. His Master then declared that Plan Zero be enacted, an operation devised by Baras to eliminate key Republic military strategists. His apprentice was then sent after the War Trust on Taris, where the Republic generals were developing a new power source for the upcoming war. Once all the generals were disposed of, Baras dispatched his apprentice to assist Vengean's flagship, under assault by Admiral Monk in orbit of Quesh. His apprentice later reported that Moff Masken accused both Baras and his apprentice of setting them up, and so subsequently attacked the apprentice and was killed. It was later revealed that Monk was actually Baras' spy. Baras confirmed his apprentice's suspicions but did not disclose why he excluded such information.[19]

The final Plan Zero target was Jedi Knight Xerender on Hoth, a constant thorn in Baras' side. The apprentice was dispatched to meet with Commander Lanklyn to ascertain Xerender's movements.[20] Unfortunately, Xerender intercepted Baras' holofrequency and told his foe that he would win this time. Enraged, Baras Force-choked Lanklyn to death and promoted Ensign Slinte to the rank of Commander and head of his dealings on Hoth. The apprentice then arrived to report that Xerender was on Hoth searching for his old Master, Wyellett, whom Baras assumed dead when his transport was shot down in the Great Galactic War. Baras recalled that Wyellett stole his original lightsaber after a failed attempt to redeem the Sith, hence forcing him to obtain another one in current usage. Baras was then able to pinpoint his lightsaber's location, however, and with the assistance of the Talz named Broonmark, Baras' apprentice tracked down Xerender and Wyellett and killed them both, also taking Baras' saber along the way, to the master's satisfaction.[21]

Though Plan Zero was complete, Baras had one last plan in motion. Summoning the Warrior back to Dromund Kaas, he tasked his apprentice to rescue Lord Draahg, Vengean's latest apprentice, and actually Baras' ally, for the latter's demise. With the help of Draahg, Baras' apprentice killed Vengean, leaving Baras to take his seat on the Dark Council,[6] which he had previously declined many years prior.

Voice of the Emperor[]

Darth Baras arrogant

Darth Baras proclaimed himself as the Voice of the Emperor

Despite his new position, Baras craved more power. Since the Emperor had withdrawn himself from the greater galaxy and only relayed decrees from his Voice, a representative who had given up his body to serve as his mouthpiece.[22] Baras had the current Voss Voice imprisoned on his homeworld in the lair of Sel-Makor,[23] fulfilling a deal that he had made decades ago with the dark entity,[24] so he could pose as the Voice himself.[23] By pretending to be the Voice, the Dark Council would then take his every word for granted, allowing Baras to control the Empire. Though some Dark Councilors actually believed him, others merely saw an advantage in supporting him.[22] Those who opposed Baras were secretly blackmailed.[25] Darth Vowrawn was the only Councilor to openly challenge Baras' claim as the Voice. While Vowrawn was leading the Imperial conquest of Corellia, he was also attempting to eliminate Baras' spies. Baras redirected Armageddon Battalion - who were meant to support Vowrawn - to Hoth, to undermine Vowrawn.[26]

At the same time, Baras began to fear his apprentice was becoming stronger than him. Using Draahg, he arranged an assassination attempt on Quesh, which was thwarted by the timely intervention of Servant One and Servant Two, the Emperor's Hands.[22] Baras' attempts to strengthen his position were subsequently thwarted by his now former apprentice. First his sister Ekkage's rescue from Belsavis prison was thwarted by an alliance between his former apprentice and Jedi Master Somminick Timmns.[26] Then, the Wrath reallocated Armageddon Battalion to Corellia to support Darth Vowrawn. Meanwhile, Draahg discovered the Wrath's survival and attempted to finish the job. He was soundly defeated and left to burn in an inferno.[27] The Wrath then freed the true Voice on Voss; by this made Baras aware of his former apprentice's existence.[23] Baras salvaged Draahg and rebuilt him into a cyborg to finally end his former apprentice.[28]

As soon as his former apprentice arrived on Corellia to protect Vowrawn, Baras contacted his former pupil. He attempted to convince his former apprentice that the Hand was deceiving them, attempting to grab power from the Emperor. He offered to forget their previous disputes if his former apprentice would walk away. The Warrior refused his terms and managed to protect Vowrawn against Baras' assassins[25] before going after Baras' Corellian spies, who were leading enemy forces against Sith who defied him.[29][30] Finally - with Vowrawn's aid - the Wrath went to free a Force ghost - simply known as the Entity - whom Baras imprisoned and used for her visions of the future, the very foundation of which Baras' power base was built on. Though Draahg attempted to stop Vowrawn and the Wrath, he was killed by the Wrath and the Entity was set free. Baras began twisting with fury over these losses.[28]


Darth Baras: "I call upon the Dark Council to kill this fool! Now! The Emperor commands it! Darth Marr, strike on the Emperor's behalf! Or suffer his disfavor!"
Darth Marr: "I believe I'll take my chances."
Darth Baras: "Ravage, has your sense left you as well? Defend me! Defend the Voice!"
Darth Ravage: "I will not stand in the path of the Emperor's Wrath."
Darth Baras: "You think you've won? You think you can silence the Emperor's true Voice? Deliver the death blow, then. From beyond darkness, I shall strike at you! Someday, vengeance will be mine!"
―Darth Baras, and members of the Dark Council, shortly before his death[9]
Darth Baras strikes

Baras lashes at his former apprentice

Despite the fact that he had lost support for the position of the Voice, Baras decided to make his claim official before the Dark Council. The entire Council assembled on Korriban, either in person or present via hologram. Vowrawn was the last to attend personally, "fashionably late" as he termed it, to remain in plain sight where Baras dare not strike at him. Accompanying him was Baras' former apprentice, announcing his title as the Emperor's Wrath and openly denouncing Baras as a fraud. Vowrawn backed up his ally's accusations, telling the Dark Council they were victims of a ruse perpetrated by Baras. Still clinging to his lie, Baras tried convincing the Dark Council that Vowrawn was attempting to grab power and the Wrath was the false one. Baras claimed that the Emperor informed him of Vowrawn's fate and asked them to assist him in destroying his former apprentice. However, as it was uncertain who truly spoke for the Emperor, the Dark Council declared that they must duel to see whomever lives, and so discover who spoke truth. Baras then engaged his former apprentice in a lightsaber duel, during which he decided to take off his mask for the first time in years.[3]

However, the Wrath proved too strong for him and Baras' strength was exhausted. In desperation, Baras tried calling on the Council members to defend him but found no support; Darth Marr preferred to "take [his] chances" with the Emperor and Darth Ravage did not wish to provoke the Wrath. Despite this, Baras desperately clung to his lie and told his former apprentice to deliver the death blow, vowing that he would one day have his revenge. The Wrath immediately executed him in front of the members of the Dark Council.[3]

Following Baras' defeat, Darth Arho claimed his seat on the Dark Council but his tenure didn't last long, as he was defeated on Ilum.[9]

Personality and traits[]

"With all due respect, my ambitions go no further than my current role."
―Darth Baras[11]
Sith Lord Baras

Darth Baras

Darth Baras was very sure of himself, as well as very confident in his knowledge of how the Jedi and the Galactic Republic would respond to the Sith Empire's demands after the sacking of Coruscant. He knew the Jedi and the Republic would have to accept the demands laid out by the Sith once they held Coruscant captive and at their mercy.[11]

Unlike other Sith, Baras appeared to be particularly unambitious, as well as more rational than his fellow Sith Lord Angral.[11] In fact, when Shan apologized to him following their duel, she sensed even more peace in him than in Dar'nala.[14] He made a point of supporting those who found themselves disadvantaged within the Empire, such as Malavai Quinn and Vemrin.[9]

Baras was, however, just as manipulative as his fellow Sith, shown when he tried to sway Shan over to the dark side and used Dar'Nala's own machinations to try to do so.[14] Though he was skilled in allowing his minions to believe themselves valued by the Sith Lord, he ultimately had no problem with abandoning them the moment it became convenient. He professed loyalty to his master, but like all Sith, drove to destroy him to advance his own ambitions.[6][19] Indeed his ultimate ambition was shown by his attempt to seek full control of the Empire and include the Emperor himself in his manipulations, something not even the most powerful of Sith Lords would contemplate.[22][23]

Powers and abilities[]

Baras was skilled in lightsaber combat, being able to hold his own against opponents such as Jedi Satele Shan and Sith Lord Angral. Baras was skilled in the art of handling a lightsaber, and was proficient in the use of Soresu and Shien. He also demonstrated skill in Force lightning which he used to force Darth Angral into standing down. Baras was also a master of Force Choke, being able to choke Commander Lanklyn to death across the galaxy. Judging by his masking of his dark side nature from Satele Shan, he was either genuinely capable of drawing power from the light side or extremely adapt at masking his own emotions.[11] He was also adept at Force scream.[8] The Dark-Side Entity Sel Makor have placed Baras' capability over the renowned Lord Fulminiss. The latter was renowned by the Sith Emperor as being one of the strongest sorcerers in the Empire as well as destroying cities with his use of Sith sorcery. Darth Baras demonstrated the ability to Drain Knowledge of the Entity's Force Vision, as well as an unknown ritual to bind the Dark-Side entity to himself.

He prided himself on his skill at interrogations and torture, showing considerable shock and anger when a republic operative refused to submit to him.[9]

He eventually became well known as one of the best spymasters in the Empire, perhaps second only to Darth Jadus. Maintaining an extensive web of operatives across Republic space, this included many high level Republic officers. He was also a savvy strategist, identifying the officers who commanded great influence from the shadows and sending pinpoint strikes to cripple Republic operations.[9]


First Lightsaber[]

Sith lightsaber TOR

The unique lightsaber of Darth Baras had a Rancor fang affixed to the base of the hilt

Baras used a uniquely designed lightsaber. There were three pointed spikes protruding from the top of the hilt surrounding the emitter matrix. This design could be seen on other lightsabers however, such as those of Dark Lord of the Sith Exar Kun, and both Ulic and Cay Qel-Droma. More unique was the lower half of the hilt which appeared to be made from the tooth of a rancor or claw of some other large creature. It had a slightly curved hilt, though this was likely due to shape of the fang or bone comprising half the handle.

Second Lightsaber[]

Behind the scenes[]

"I will never relent! You will all succumb to me!"
―Darth Baras, seconds before being escorted away by two Imperial Guardsmen to either banishment or imprisonment[9]

In Star Wars: The Old Republic, Darth Baras was voiced by Jim McCance. After Baras' defeat, the player can choose to have him arrested or banished instead of killing him for light alignment points.

Like many of the other characters featured in the prequel comics, his appearance differs significantly in the game. Baras gained a great deal of weight -- becoming one of the fattest Sith Lords -- lost his hair, and took to wearing a mask. His dark side degradation and aging led to his skin becoming pallid and wrinkled, his eyes also changed color from a dark brown to red. He also lost much of his calm and collected appearance, instead often screaming and lashing out in anger toward the player and other NPCs.

Second Death of Darth Baras

Darth Baras is sacrificed to Zildrog.

During the Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion flashpoint "The Nathema Conspiracy", if the Outlander is a Sith Warrior who made the light side choice and decided to spare Baras, he will seek revenge and join the Order of Zildrog led by Vinn Atrius, only to be sacrificed as fuel to awaken Zildrog by GEMINI 16 on Nathema. If the warrior made the dark side choice and killed Baras, Darth Ravage will take his place, while the other classes face antagonists from their own class stories.[31]



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