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"I am the one and only Darth Hexid: tormentor of the weak and bane of all who challenge me."
―Darth Hexid[1]

Darth Hexid was a Zabrak female Sith Lord who lived during the Galactic War. She was a connoisseur of the dark side. Renowned for her brutal combat prowess and decadent lifestyle, she enjoyed the many pleasures of a celebrated Sith, whether savoring exotic feasts held in her honor or hunting down her foes as they fled in a panic. Instead of joining the political infighting of her Sith peers, she amused herself by watching their rabid power games from the sidelines.[2] Darth Hexid earned infamy following her devastating triumphs in the Great Galactic War, but it was the Sith Order's crushing defeat at the hands of Zakuul's conquering army that forever defined her. She then pursued the complete annihilation of the Eternal Empire.[2]


When the Eternal Empire invaded the Sith holy world of Korriban, Darth Hexid was among the Sith present to defend the planet. She carved through multiple Knights of Zakuul before an explosion drove her unconscious. Upon waking up she found Korriban ravaged by Princes Arcann and Thexan, the Academy crippled by the event. When the Eternal Empire became the dominant power in the galaxy, Darth Hexid grew to despise the Dark Council, seeing the group as dogs aiming towards destroying each other after the death and disappearance of Darth Marr and Darth Nox respectively.

Behind the scenes[]

She can be obtained as a companion in Star Wars: The Old Republic by completing three PVE or PVP missions before November 27th, 2017.[3] After update 5.9 Darth Hexid can be obtained after completing 40 group finder activities.[2]

Gameplay alternatives[]

If the player completes the 5.10 story on Ossus as an ally to the Sith Empire, the player will receive a mail from Hexid expressing her interest on the Dark Council's vacant seat.[1]



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