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Darth Homiiz was a Sith Lord with a rotund appearance, featuring tan skin covered in tattoos ranging from tan to purple coloring. On Homiiz's face, there were blue markings between the eyes, and an eye patch covering the Sith's right eye. Homizz also had a black beard and tail.[1]

Homiiz carried a lightsaber and was clothed in a gray-brown cloak. The cloak featured two red stripes below the waist and was worn open to expose the Sith Lord's torso. Golden rings were present on Homiiz's left hand and nose.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Darth Homiiz appeared in concept art on the website of HOON, the illustrator of the Dark Horse comic Jedi: Yoda,[1] published on July 21, 2004.[2] In the concept art, Homiiz is standing next to Pix, a Jedi character from the comic. While Pix appeared in the comic, the Sith was cut from the title.[1]


Notes and references[]

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