Sith apprentice Saarai guards Darth Krayt's tomb.

Darth Krayt's tomb was the intended final resting place of the founder of the One Sith order, Darth Krayt, Dark Lord of the Sith. Housed in the depths of XoXaan's Temple on the Sith grave world of Korriban, the tomb was actually a stasis chamber facility prepared by Krayt's regent, the Chagrian Sith Lord Darth Wyyrlok (who had murdered Krayt on Had Abbadon), to display Krayt's body and give the appearance that the Dark Lord simply was undergoing one of his many periods of regenerative stasis. To further the illusion, Wyyrlok assigned Darth Talon, who remained unaware of Krayt's death, to guard the tomb. However, when Darth Nihl convinced Talon to allow him entry, they discovered that Krayt's body was gone, leaving only his armor.

Darth Krayt had revived himself from death with his mastery of the Dark transfer technique, and returned to rule the One Sith and bring the galaxy to heel. However, at the Battle of Coruscant he was slain a second time, this time by his intended apprentice Cade Skywalker, who sent his body into Coruscant's Sun where it was finally destroyed, never returning to its tomb.


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