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"There is no passion. There is only peace, daughter. You must control your emotions, Malincha. Your fear."
―Malincha's father[2]

An orange-skinned Devaronian male was a Jedi who served the New Jedi Order[2] at some point before 130 ABY.[1] The Devaronian was considered a rarity, as there were not many Jedi of his species. The Jedi had orange eyes, wore brown Jedi robes, and carried a lightsaber with a silver hilt.[2]

At some point, a Force-sensitive daughter was born to the Jedi on[2] the planet[3] Devaron. The child's parents named her Malincha. The Jedi advised Malincha to learn to control both her fear and her emotions, reciting different parts of the Jedi Code. However, both he and Malincha's other parent were killed by the Dark Lord of the One Sith, Darth Krayt,[2] at some point before 130 ABY.[1] After her parents' deaths, Malincha was trained by Darth Krayt in the Sith ways, eventually becoming the Sith Lady Darth Maladi.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Darth Maladi's father appeared in flashbacks to Darth Maladi in the forty-fifth issue of Star Wars: Legacy comic series.[2] The issue was published on February 24, 2010[4] and was written by John Ostrander with illustrations by Jan Duursema, Dan Parsons, and Brad Anderson.[2]


Notes and references[]

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