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Darth Maul 4 is the fourth issue of the canon comic book miniseries Star Wars: Darth Maul. It was written by Cullen Bunn, illustrated by Luke Ross, and published on June 21, 2017 by Marvel Comics.

Publisher's summary[]

Darth Maul and his crew of bounty hunters have captured Eldra, the hunted Jedi Padawan! But Xev Xrexus will not give up her prize without a fight. There's a new bounty out…and the reward for whoever defeats Maul and captures the Padawan is worth dying for. Not to mention, Eldra isn't leaving without a fight, either…

Plot summary[]

Book I, Part IV
Jedi Padawan Eldra Kaitis is the prisoner of profiteering
gangster Xev Xrexus. Xrexus has gathered the most
dangerous crime bosses in the galaxy to participate in
an auction to purchase the Padawan.

Sith apprentice Darth Maul has infiltrated the auction
against the will of his Master, the mysterious Darth
Sidious. With a group of bounty hunters—including Cad
Bane and Aurra Sing—Maul plans on kidnapping the
Padawan and killing her in order to satiate his desire
for vengeance against the Jedi.

Though the kidnapping proceeds successfully, Maul is
baited by the Padawan, who claims to be his equal and
demands a fair fight. Their potential duel is cut short
when Xrexus, having discovered the theft, has their
vessel shot down—and invites the disappointed crime
bosses from the auction to hunt them for sport....

Crash Landing on the Moon of Drazkel[]

Cad Bane, Aurra Sing, and Vorhdeilo stand by the wreckage of their Shekelesh-class freight gunship. They watch as the padawan Eldra Kaitis, her arms bound, and Darth Maul emerge, also unscathed. Xev Xrexus announces to her guests that the ship has crashed. She notes that most of them wished the padawan dead in the first place and that they might as well make a sport out of it; all the guests need do is pay a fee and they can go planetside to hunt the fugitives. Back on the moon of Drazkel, Bane tells Maul that he expects hazard pay on top of his standard fee. Meanwhile, Sing notes that the bomb had been designed to blow outwards in order to do minimal damage to the passengers. As ships appear in the sky overhead, the group realises they are about to become prey.

Maul decides that they should split up; he and Kaitis will draw most of the hunters away, while Bane, Sing, and Vorhdeilo will try and commandeer one of the hunters' vessels. Bane asks why Maul thinks they won't just leave him and the padawan to die; Maul replies that he believes Bane will want to claim on his hazard pay. As Maul and Kaitis disappear, Vorhdeilo asks what has become of Troo-tril-tek and Sing suggests he was vaporized in the explosion. However, deep in the wreckage a severely wounded Troo-tril-tek is slowly crawling his way out. Spotting a damaged FE-B3, he begs the droid to help him. FE-B3 sarcastically remarks that he would love to, but he can't because he no longer has any eyes.

Separate Ways[]

Maul and Kaitis, accompanied by Maul's probe droids, head away from the crash site. As he walks, Maul realises that it is not a lust for vengeance that drives him forward, but excitement. As their hunters draw closer, Kaitis asks Maul to take off her bindings and give her her lightsaber so that she may help him fight. Maul does so and as they ignite their weapons they are attacked by Pykes. Together, they are easily able to fight off the attack and Maul is not only impressed by Kaitis' skill but senses that she has no fear in her. His probe droids help him kill the Pykes and he notes that she will be watching his every move, trying to get the measure of his abilities. After dispatching the last of the Pykes he sees anger in her face and gives his approval.

Meanwhile, a group of Trandoshans are following a pair of tracks in the belief they belong to the padawan. Bane steps out to show himself and the leader of the Trandoshans tells his men to stand down, stating he will duel Bane one-on-one. At this point he is ambushed by Vorhdeilo who stabs him in the back, while Sing picks off more with her rifle. Bane sets off his rocket boots and quickly kills the remaining Trandoshans, telling them that he would've won the duel but just didn't want to fight fairly.

Rising Tensions[]

As Maul and Kaitis scramble along a cliff-face, the padawan states her disbelief that the Sith have returned and asks why Maul has chosen to do so now. Maul simply says that his existence will remain a secret. Kaitis argues that she could have easily left him during the fight, to which he replies that Jedi do not give into their fear. Kaitis questions why they can't just get their duel over with now, but Maul is adamant that it is a sacred ritual that should not be disrupted by the hunters. Kaitis realises this is why he sent the bounty hunters away and goads Maul by suggesting he is hiding from someone - that he is afraid.

Later, as Maul and Kaitis fight off groups of IG-86 sentinel droids, Kyuzo, and Weequay pirates, Maul realises that the padawan has anger within her. He notes that in another time she might have been tempted by the Dark Side and become an ally, however he realises that he has taken this choice away from her. After dispatching the last of their enemies, Kaitis tells Maul that he does not have to continue down his dark path. Maul replies that she can't truly believe that and she admits that she just wants to give him a chance before besting him in combat. Maul sarcastically asks if she is giving him the same chance her Jedi predecessors had given the Sith and she gives up. They face off against each other and ignite their lightsabers.



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