Darth Noctyss was a female Sith Lord who, according to legend, traveled to Exegol seeking immortality, and ravaged many worlds in her search. After encountering Darth Sanguis, who had obtained immortality on Exegol albeit as a twisted creature, Sanguis became her servant. Deep in Exegol's crust, Noctyss discovered Sanguis' lab and notes on the ritual. After much study, she completed the three-day ritual, sacrificing Sanguis. The ritual then twisted her into a creature much like Sanguis had become. Darth Noctyss was able to utilize Force lightning, and used a cloak and hood to mask her identity. Noctyss also utilized a Sith lightsaber with a curved blade that was specific to a particular Sith.[1]

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"As this story was one of the last to be added, and due to approaching printing deadlines, I had to proceed with the illustration without knowing whom or what the main characters were. What I did know was that this story took place on Exegol and was going to have a strong Dr. Frankenstein and Ygor vibe. At the time, I only had the trailer visuals to go off of. Inspired by a screenshot, I built up the scene and shrouded our Sith in a hood to hide their identity. With a bit of Force lightning to showcase the villain’s power, I was able to increase the drama in the composition. The curved saber was added later, and if I am not mistaken, is specific to a particular Sith."
―Grant Griffin[src]

Darth Noctyss appeared in 2020 in "A Life Immortal," a story within the book Dark Legends, written and illustrated by George Mann and Grant Griffin, respectively.[1]

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