"My rule is simple. You will obey me—or you will die."
―Darth Rauder to Gunner Yage.[src]

Darth Rauder was a humanoid female who served as a Sith Lady in Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Krayt's Order and Galactic Empire. In 138 ABY, she commanded the Sith contingent of pilots aboard the Pellaeon-class Star Destroyer War Hammer, flagship of the First Sith Imperial Strikeforce. During Operation: Thunderstroke, the Sith Empire's attempt to capture deposed Emperor Roan Fel on the planet Agamar, Rauder led the 1st Imperial Center Core Defense Squadron into battle in Agamar's orbit. After the battle, which saw Fel successfully evade the Sith forces, Rauder participated in the devastation of Da Soocha and its moon, Napdu, with her and Skull Squadron eliminating any civilian vessels attempting to escape the planet and its moon. Later, Rauder was involved in the Sith Empire's assault on the planet Taivas, which was the location of the Jedi Order's Hidden Temple. During the fracas, Rauder ordered Skull Squadron's captain Gunn Yage to shoot down a starship carrying Jedi younglings. Yage refused and turned against Rauder, shooting down the Sith Lady's starfighter and killing her.


"The squadron I am to lead must be able to adapt."
―Darth Rauder[src]

Darth Rauder was a humanoid female that was born during the time period of the Second Imperial Civil War and the Sith–Imperial War. By 137 ABY, she had ascended to the rank of Sith Lady in Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Krayt's Sith Order, earning the "Darth" title.[2] When the Sith-Imperial forces learned that deposed Emperor Roan Fel was secretly rendezvousing with members of the Jedi Order to discuss an alliance on the planet Agamar, Rauder and other Sith pilots accompanied the First Sith Imperial Strikeforce to travel to Agamar and capture Fel. As the fleet was in hyperspace, Rauder had the Predator-class fighters of the 1st Imperial Center Core Defense Squadron, led by Captain Gunn Yage, replaced with Sith-designed ships. When Yage questioned Rauder's actions, the Sith warned her to obey her orders or face death.

Rauder forced Captain Gunn Yage's Squadron to switch over to a new design of Sith-designed starfighter instead of the Predators they were more familiar with, causing Yage to protest. Rauder threatened to kill Yage if she did not follow her orders.

During Operation: Thunderstroke, Lady Rauder flew with Skull Squadron as "Skull Leader". During the battle, she ordered Captain Yage and the members of Skull Squadron to fire on pilot of the Bastion resistance who ejected from their starfighters. When Yage refused, the Sith Lady began to torture her using the Force and threatened to telekinetically kill her. However, Lieutenant Tev Rimon shot the pilot instead, sparing Yage the choice of killing an unarmed enemy. Though Rauder spared Yage, the Sith Lady wasn't pleased and threatened to kill Rimon if he went against her orders again.

Gunn Yage shoots down Darth Rauder.

Lady Rauder was also present during the poisoning of Da Soocha and the bombing of Napdu under the command of Sith Lord Darth Azard, Moff Yage and scientist Vul Isen. Aboard her Sith Fury, Rauder labeled the civilian vessels fleeing Napdu as "enemy combatants", despite them being unarmed, and ordered the member of Skull Squadron to destroy them. Though Tev Rimon and Jae Akura protested, Captain Yage acquiesced and told her subordinates to follow the Sith Lady's command.

A few months later, in 138 ABY, Lady Rauder lead Skull Squadron during the Attack on the Hidden Temple. Under her guidance, many allied and Fel loyalist starfighters were taken out. As the battle raged on, Jedi Master T'ra Saa ordered the ships that formed the Hidden Temple to take flight and escape. Aboard one of these ships, Masters Tili Qua and K'Kruhk took a number of Jedi younglings to safety. Sensing their presence aboard the ship, Rauder ordered Skull Squadron to destroy it. However, Captain Yage refused to murder defenseless children, and, fed up with the Sith, obliterated Rauder's starfighter, and with it, Rauder herself. Unwilling to serve the Sith any longer, Yage defected to the Empire-in-exile, followed by her father and many other disillusioned Imperials who were through with the Sith.

Personality and traits[]

Darth Rauder during the Devastation of Da Soocha.

"Obey me, Captain Yage! Kill the enemy, or I will kill you."
―Darth Rauder[src]

Darth Rauder was a fanatically loyal member of the One Sith. She demonstrated no mercy to those she deemed enemies of the Sith, regardless of their ability to defend themselves, ordering the death of unarmed enemy soldiers or even civilians. As a military commander, she had little tolerance for subordinates who questioned her orders, and had no qualms about torturing and killing those that defied her.

Unlike other female Sith Ladies, Rauder sported a short-trimmed hairstyle.

Powers and abilities[]

Darth Rauder was a skilled pilot but was still able to be shot down by Captain Yage. Rauder contained a fair ability with telekinesis, but she could not sense Yage's intention to shoot her down. Rauder excelled at torture. Any whiff of insubordination and that person would suffer the pains of being tortured by Rauder with the Force.


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