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Darth Tormen was a male pureblood Sith Lord during the Cold War. He was one of the Sith commanders of the covert Imperial attack on Corellia.


Sometime during the Great Galactic War or the Cold War, the Sith Lord Fatalissar declared a Kaggath against Darth Tormen. Tormen was within arms' reach of Fatalissar at the time, and when Fatalissar declared the arena to be Ziost, Tormen immediately decapitated his still-speaking opponent.

During the Cold War, Tormen invited the latest Champion of the Great Hunt to his flagship, the Tyrant after the bounty hunter was framed by the Republic for a list of false crimes. He was annoyed when the Hunter refused to be disarmed by the welcoming party and killed them in self-defense. Cutting to the chase, he offered the Hunter not only a substantial sum, but the chance for revenge against the two individuals responsible for the framing: Jedi Battlemaster Jun Seros and Supreme Chancellor Dorian Janarus. But as the two were on Coruscant, beyond the Hunter's reach, they would need to lure them away from the Republic capital. His plan centered around Corellia, whose government chose to secede from the Republic but a significant resistance refused Imperial rule. But before they could proceed, Tormen assigned the Hunter to chase down the two main obstacles that threaten to hinder his plan: Zale Barrows on Belsavis and General Thelonia Redrish on Voss.

After the Hunter was successful with both targets, Tormen recalled the Hunter to his flagship just as he was finishing up the Rabaan campaign. However, Republic Special Forces assaulted the Tyrant. The attack was swift and Tormen and most of the crew were sealed off in different sections of the ship. The Hunter was able to fight off the Republic forces and regain control of the ship. Tormen soon executed the surviving bridge crew after learning that the captain was dead.

Turning his attention back to the Hunter, Tormen explained his plan to lure in both Seros and Janarus. If Corellia was conquered, the Republic would send in military forces. But if the planet were to secede from the Republic, their enemies would be forced to try diplomacy. The Hunter would track down the three high-ranking resistance leaders, whom Tormen would force into agreeing to sign a compact. As Corellia was officially declared to be under Imperial rule, Janarus would have no choice to but to journey to the founding planet of the Republic to ratify the treaty, but not before Seros convinced him he could rally the Green Jedi to strike back. Tormen was confident that Seros would take to the battlefield instead of acting through proxy as he previously did with the Hunter.

Once all the pieces fell into place and the secession treaty was signed, Tormen then dispatched the Hunter to eliminate Seros and retrieve his personal effects, which also contain Janarus' itinerary. Tormen stayed behind at the Corellian legislature to await a strike team of Green Jedi Seros sent to rescue Tormen's captives and tear up his sham treaty. Tormen easily slew them all. He then decrypted Seros' datapad and instructed the Hunter on how to board Janarus' flagship.

Tormen then met with the hunter for the last time after they assassinated Janarus aboard his flagship.

Personality and traitsEdit


Tormen uses telekinesis

"Tormen's a monster. His troops have been butchering Corellians. On Rabaan, he flattened kilometers of homes, businesses, hospitals. A man like that can't be given more power. Let's fix this while we're in a position to do so."
―Supreme Chancellor Dorian Janarus explains to the Grand Champion of the Great Hunt of Tormen's war crimes.[src]

Darth Tormen was a Sith with a single passion: war. Unlike many of his fellows, he had no interest or patience for intrigue, politics, ideology or self-indulgence, but that wasn't to say he was not a thinking man. Tormen would simply rather have all the pieces laid out before him. It is not enough that his enemies should be merely defeated, but forced to submit.

Some had mistaken Darth Tormen's dislike of subterfuge for a sense of honor or respect for his enemies. Those who have crossed him knew the reality–he took his only satisfaction from engaging his enemies directly and ruthlessly crushing them, no matter how outmatched he seemed to be. In spite of this, he was willing to accept an asset being largely independent should they ultimately been willing to serve him.

Tormen also had little patience for failure, such as when he Force-choked the surviving bridge crew after his flagship was attacked or Corellia's prime minister for failing to bring his planet to heel.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Darth Tormen used a single-bladed Sith lightsaber. He was a powerful user of the dark side, capable of telekinesis and Force rage.

Behind the scenesEdit

The player can either choose to accept Janarus' offer to kill Tormen in exchange for immunity (light side choice), or deliver him dead or alive to Tormen (dark side and neutral choices respectively).

In Game Update 5.9: Nathema Conspiracy, if the player had killed Tormen,[1] his apprentice, Lord Vindis, joins the Order of Zildrog to avenge Tormen and claim the title of Darth, only to end up as a sacrifice to awaken Zildrog.



Notes and referencesEdit

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