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Darth Vader 10 is the tenth issue of the Marvel comic book series Star Wars: Darth Vader and the fourth of six issues in the series' second story arc, Shadows and Secrets. The comic, written by Kieron Gillen with art by Salvador Larroca, was released on October 7, 2015.[3]

Plot summary[]

Book II, Part IV
It is a period of insurgency. After the
destruction of the Death Star by a
Force-strong rebel pilot, the Sith Lord DARTH
VADER has taken it upon himself to discover
the pilot's true identity under the Empire's
ever-watchful eye.

Using the expertise of archaeologist and droid
expert DOCTOR APHRA and a carefully
selected crew of bounty hunters, Vader looted
a stash of credits from an Imperial cruiser
under the guise of an accident. However,
Vader's new adjunct Inspector Thanoth
knows that all is not what it seems and plans
to investigate the situation further.

Meanwhile Aphra, along with droids BT-1 and
000, are off to continue Vader's mission:
chasing information on the rebel pilot....[2]

The Dragon's Mansion[]

At the Dragon's mansion, the Dragon surrenders to Darth Vader and offers to tell him everything. When Lord Vader asks if he will reveal who he sold the explosives to, the Dragon says yes but the Sith Lord kills him with his lightsaber. Lord Vader tells Inspector Thanoth that the Ortolan crime lord threatened to detonate buildings. The Inspector disagrees and says that the Dragon was bluffing.

After three unsuccessful attempts, Thanoth manages to unseal the Dragon's vault by using the Ortolan's secretions to ascertain the passcode. Thanoth's detective work earns him the praise of Lord Vader, who describes him as talented and persistent. Thanoth vows to locate where the core of crime is present on Anthan Prime. He tells Lord Vader he will continue the investigation alone since Vader is well known. He tells Vader that the final step will require some brutality. Vader agrees to prepare the strike force and warns Thanoth not to disappoint him.

Home invasion[]

On Naboo, Commodex Tahn and his protocol droid receive unexpected visitors at their villa from Dr Aphra. Aphra's Ark Angel blows up his parked getaway starship. Aphra leads several BX-series droid commandos. Commodex retrieves a ceremonial blaster rifle gifted by Senator Padmé Amidala and guns down several commando droids. However, Beetee flies in through the balcony and disintegrates his protocol droid before disintegrating his rifle. Aphra chides BT-1 for not stunning Commodex but Triple Zero replies that their target is alive.

Dr Aphra orders Beetee to loot his safe to make it look like a robbery. Commodex is defiant and denies he is Commodex. Dr Aphra figures out he is lying by pointing to a transcap awarded to Commodex by Senator Amidala. Dr Aphra knows that Commodex prepared Amidala's body for burial and asks about her funeral. Commodex is still uncooperative and only says that Amidala was a good Queen.

Dr Aphra says she prefers strength and points out that she had a rough upbringing while he was playing courtier on Naboo. She mentions that she had a mother who wanted to pretend they were not living in a galactic war. Dr Aphra says that her mother wanted a quiet life on the frontier but that raiders came and killed her mother. She talks about killing the raiders with a cannon she had found in the cave. Aphra claims that her father came back and they lived "happily ever after."

Dr Aphra uses her sob story to show that goodness without strength is meaningless. Commodex points out that Amidala was a good and strong queen. Dr Aphra says that was not enough and tasks Triple Zero with interrogating him. Commodex refuses to cooperate but Triple Zero says that he is adorable and "loves it when he plays his part." While Triple Zero tortures Commodex, she looks at a hologram of his family and remarks that Commodex had a good life but that it is over.

After Triple Zero has finished his work, Dr Aphra learns that Commodex was aware that Senator Amidala had been pregnant with a son prior to her death and that the Jedi took that boy and hid him away. Commodex confirms this is true but says that he knows nothing else. Under Aphra's orders, Triple Zero kills Commodex by electrocuting him to death. While razing Commodex's home, Triple Zero says he could have obtained more information. Aphra responds that they are here to do their job and not be sadists. The group then return to their ship with the remaining commando droids.

Meeting with Lord Vader[]

On Anthan Prime, Dr Aphra briefs Lord Vader about her report. She tells him that Commodex really loved Amidala before shooting a marauding beast. When Aphra asks what is next on their list, he tells her that another Imperial agent has been tasked with locating the boy who destroyed the Death Star and that they must find him. He orders her to arrange a meeting with the Ante. When Vader remarks that his current adjutant is somewhat eager and enthusiastic, Aphra asks is there is anything to worry about. Vader responds that he has no fears because Thanoth suspects nothing.


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