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Darth Vader 14 is a Marvel comic book by Kieron Gillen, with art by Salvador Larroca. It is the fourteenth issue of the series Star Wars: Darth Vader and the fourth issue of the Star Wars: Vader Down crossover with Star Wars. The comic was published on December 23, 2015.[3]

Publisher's summary[]

Plot summary[]

Part IV
It is a period of unrest. Darth Vader has tracked his
son, the rebel pilot Luke Skywalker, to the planet
Vrogas Vas. After Vader defeated several rebel
squadrons, Luke forced both Vader and himself to

On their way to rescue Luke, Han Solo and
Chewbacca discovered that Dr. Aphra, 0-0-0, and
BT-1 had beaten them to him. With the aid of
R2-D2, they managed to overpower Aphra and the
enemy droids.

Meanwhile, upon learning Vader was on the planet
with no aid, Princess Leia ordered all rebel
reinforcements to assist her in terminating him
once and for all. Unfortunately, Vader found the
Princess first....[2]

The fog of war[]

On Vrogas Vas, C-3PO is contacted by Han Solo who tells him to tell Princess Leia Organa that he and Chewbacca have rescued Luke Skywalker. The protocol droid complains that the mists are playing havoc with his circuits and blames R2-D2 for leaving him alone. C-3PO sends a message to Leia but she is preoccupied with Darth Vader.

Beetee blows up several rocks and tends to Dr Aphra, who complains that she hates waspworms. Aphra and Beetee then tend to the damaged Triple Zero, who has lost both his arms to Chewbacca. Aphra thanks Triple Zero for the initiative, remarking that every credit poured into the Tarkin Initiative was well spent. After receiving contact from Krrsantan, Aphra sends the droids and the Wookiee bounty hunter to hunt down Skywalker.

Meanwhile, Princess Leia remains defiant towards Vader, telling him that killing her will not stop justice. Vader responds that her end will not be like her precious Alderaan. Just then, Vader is distracted by an unseen opponent and asks if they can truly ambush a Sith Lord. Leia thinks that Vader's mind is playing tricks on him and runs. Vader allows Leia to escape so that she can lure the boy to him.

Leia encounters C-3PO, who asks where are the other rebel troopers. Leia tells him that they are dead. She tells the droid to head to Luke's last position and to get as far away from here as he can. Leia tells C-3PO that she plans to lure Vader here so that Amber Wing can bomb the area. Leia is willing to die in order to take Vader down with her.


Solo and Skywalker help the wounded Chewbacca aboard the Millennium Falcon gangplank. Aboard the ship, the rebels overhear Leia ordering the rebels' remaining BTL Y-wing starfighters to converge on her coordinates in order to bomb Vader. Skywalker is shocked that Leia is considering a suicidal last stand while Solo decides to rescue her.

Before the Millennium Falcon can reach Leia, Black Krrsantan rams his Auzituck anti-slaver gunship into the Falcon, causing the ship to crash. The Wookiee blasts a hole in the Falcon's hull. Solo thinks that Black Krrsantan is here to collect Jabba's bounty on his head but realizes that the Wookiee is after Skywalker.

While Chewbacca fights Black Krrsantan, Solo sends Skywalker to save Leia. Skywalker is reluctant to leave but Solo tells him that staying would mean letting Leia die. Solo reassures Skywalker he and Chewbacca will handle things.

Elsewhere, C-3PO encounters Triple Zero and BT-1. Triple Zero recognizes that C-3PO is a Cybot Galactica compatible protocol droid and says that the fit will be a little tight. Before C-3PO realizes what is going on, Beetee stuns him. Triple Zero then steals both of C-3PO's arms. C-3PO awakes to find his head backwards and his arms missing.

More Imperial entanglements[]

Meanwhile, Vader finds Leia by a landspeeder and taunts her about her friends not saving her. Leia responds that they will end you. She transmits the coordinates to the Y-wings of Amber Wing, which fly to the site. Before Amber Wing can drop their payload, they are shot down by TIE fighters.

One of the pilots escapes and shoots at an opponent wielding a purple lightsaber. However, the new threat deflects his blaster bolts and knocks the blaster out of his hand. The new threat taunts the pilot for wandering in the mists and not realizing that killing Vader will benefit him.

The newcomer turns out to be the Mon Calamari cyborg Karbin, one of the Emperor's newest servants. Karbin orders his stormtroopers and Emperor's Royal Guards, who have cybernetic arms, to bring him Skywalker. He is reinforced by several Imperial shuttles and an Imperial Star Destroyer.

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