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Darth Vader 16 is the sixteenth issue of the Marvel comic book series Star Wars: Darth Vader. It is the first of four issues in the series' third arc. The issue, released on February 10, 2016, was written by Kieron Gillen, with art by Salvador Larroca.[3]

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Plot summary[]

Book III, Part I
It is a time of rebuilding for the Empire. After the
Death Star's destruction, Darth Vader, the
Emperor's chief enforcer, struggled to keep his
place after he was seemingly put in a rivalry with the
cybernetically-enhanced operatives of a cyborg
specialist named Cylo.

Vader was sent to the ore-rich planet of Shu-Torun to
bring its leadership in line. After assassinating the
ruling family and installing its youngest daughter as
Queen, Vader promised worse for their planet should
it not fall in line.

Soon after, one of Cylo's agents, a cyborg Mon
Calamari named General Karbin, laid a trap for
Vader, setting the Dark Lord against a Rebel Fleet
with no backup. Vader survived and made Karbin pay
for his deception, but in doing so, his secret ally
Doctor Aphra was captured by the rebels....[2]

A new assignment[]

Darth Vader meets with Emperor Palpatine in the former Jedi Council Chamber of the Imperial Palace. He brings the remains of Commander Karbin in a chest. When the Emperor asks if those are lightsaber wounds, Vader responds that the Emperor asked him to prove himself and to give him a fight worthy of his time. The Emperor responds that Vader is in luck because the ore barons of Shu-Torun are rebelling against the Galactic Empire.

The Emperor charges Lord Vader with leading a military force to assist Queen Trios since Shu-Torun is a key supplier of rare metals and minerals to the Empire. The Emperor also informs Lord Vader that Grand General Cassio Tagge has assigned Doctor Cylo to accompany him. When Vader asks why, the Emperor responds that Vader is the student and that he is the master and that he will explain everything when Vader returns. He tells Vader to show his merit and that he relies on him more than he can understand.

The siege[]

On Shu-Torun, an AT-AT walker is hit by laser fire. Darth Vader tells Queen Trios that she should not be here, since replacing her would be troublesome. Trios responds that since her sister, War Minister Hollian is dead, she has to fulfill all the royalty's roles so that people will respect as Queen. She counsels Lord Vader to retreat since the ore-dukes are too strong. Lord Vader disagrees and tells her this is a show of force.

The Imperial forces are laying siege to a delving citadel. Queen Trios observes that the Empire's frontal assault is not working as many stormtroopers are killed. Vader is correct but reveals that the frontal assault was a diversion for Tulon Voidgazer's drones to move into position. Under Vader's orders, the drones blast open a magma vein, which flows onto the delving citadel, killing the insurgents. Voidgazer apologizes that it wasn't devastating enough while Queen Trios laments that the delving citadel was a major production hub that will no longer be productive. Lord Vader counters that it won't rebel again.

Allies of convenience[]

Later, Darth Vader informs Dr. Cylo, Aiolin Astarte, and Morit Astarte that Voidgazer was adequate. Dr. Cylo warns Lord Vader that the Emperor is not tolerant of mistakes. Aiolin also warns Lord Vader that accidents won't happen to them as easily as Karbin. When Queen Trios arrives with her nobles, Lord Vader informs that the rebellious barons are clustered around the mantle. He hopes to use the destruction of the delving citadel as a warning to other rebellious ore-barons. Queen Trios is horrified at Lord Vader's lust for destruction.

Vader responds that the ore barons are greedy and that they will teach them that those who resist will have all their possessions sweap way. When Queen Trios reminds him that the delving citadels are important to Shu-Torun's production quota, he warns her to obey his orders. Her nobles laugh at her. In private, Queen Trios speaks with Vader and chastises him for humiliating her in front of her subordinates. Lord Vader agrees to respect her as long as she does not question him in public. The two make an informal agreement before Queen Trios departs.

Triple Zero tells Lord Vader that he suspects Trios might be trouble. He proposes modifying her diet with certain chemicals and supplements to make her more docile but warns that the drooling can be distracting. Lord Vader asks if the holoprojector is ready. Triple Zero responds that he and Beetee have arranged a broadcast and that Vader's identity will be shielded.

The cloaked Lord Vader speaks to several bounty hunters including Beebox, IG-90, Chanath Cha, Krrsantan, C-21 Highsinger, Zuckuss, and Dengar. Dengar asks that the size of the bounty has gotten their attention and asks who is that unlucky. Lord Vader explains that Dr Aphra is in the hands of the Rebel Alliance and needs to be found and returned. When IG-90 asks if he wants her dead or alive, Lord Vader replies that it is of no matter to him.


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