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Darth Vader 17 is the seventeenth issue of the Marvel comic book series Star Wars: Darth Vader. It is the second of four issues in the series' third arc. The issue, published on March 2, 2016, is written by Kieron Gillen with art by Salvador Larroca.[1]

Publisher's summary[]

  • Would you follow Darth Vader into war?
  • Better that than to be against him.
  • A lesson the Ore-dukes are about to learn...[1]

Plot summary[]

Book III, Part II
It is a time of rebuilding for the Empire. After the
Death Star's destruction, Darth Vader, the
Emperor's chief enforcer, struggled to keep his
place after he was seemingly pitted against the
operatives of the cyborg specialist, Cylo.

To regain allegiance from the planet Shu-Torun,
Vader assassinated the royal family and placed its
youngest daughter, Trios, on the throne.
Nevertheless, talk of rebellion persisted. Tasked to
intervene, Vader brought further destruction to the
ore-rich planet and promised more if submission
was not given.

Meanwhile, Vader's secret ally, Dr. Aphra, remains in
the hands of the rebels, and the Dark Lord has issued a
bounty for her recovery....[2]

The Lava Leviathan[]

In response to Darth Vader's ultimatum, the rebellious ore-dukes resolve to continue their resistance against Queen Trios and her Imperials. One noble decides that they must break the rules and put her in her "place."

Later, Queen Trios, Lord Vader, Morit Astarte, and Aiolin Astarte meet at the Ancestral Retreat of Shu-Torun Royalty to contemplate on their future. Morit is bored about spending time in a place with no military purpose. Aiolin disagrees and says that the Retreat reminds them of what we are fighting for. She adds that the Adamantine shoals swim in the waters and that it has been a peaceful place for millennia. Just then, Aiolin spots one of Duke Rubix's Lava Leviathans, which opens fire on the sacred site.

One of the Queen's pilots proposes retreating on a shuttle but Lord Vader uses the Force to hurl him aside. He vows that there will be no escape. Lord Vader and the Astarte twins use the shuttle to board the Lava Leviathan. After cutting a hole through the hull with his lightsaber, Lord Vader strikes down down a crew member. He orders the twins to head to the starboard base of the hull while he heads to the port and to destroy every bulkhead.

Lord Vader and the twins slaughter the crew and cut holes through the bulkheads. They then exit the ship as magma consumes the Lava Leviathan. While flying away on the Queen's shuttle, Vader remarks that he knows little about her people's religion but presumes that is suitable punishment for their sacrilege.

After returning to the Ancestral Retreat, Chamberlain Jooli chastises the Queen for endangering herself, reminding her that her position as a war leader is ceremonial rather than military. Lord Vader flashes his lightsaber and warns the Chamberlain that his words put him in greater danger than the Queen ever was. Queen Trios defuses the situation by saying that Jooli was merely speaking in high spirits.

The Queen reassures Jooli that she was in no danger but was with powerful friends and does not run for threats. She derides the Barons as hypocrites for claiming to uphold traditional values while desecrating their most holy sites. Since the Lava Leviathan belonged to Lord Rubix, Trios decides that his delving citadel should be targeted next. Vader agrees and orders Dr Cylo to prepare his "abominations."

Vader's rivals[]

Meanwhile, Dr Cylo grumbles to Grand General Cassio Tagge that Darth Vader is not showing him the respect he feels that he deserves. Tagge is perplexed but Cylo turns the topic to the matter of the war's progress. Tagge admits frustration and says that Vader is great but not great enough. He regards the destruction of the magma submersible as one of Vader's many flaws; opining that the Sith Lord is over-confident and gambles too much.

Grand General Tagge opines that Vader wins grand victories in the same amount that he wains a thousand small ones, surmising that Vader can win battles but not wars. Tagge agrees that the Shu-Torun campaign must end favorably but that he preferes for the Empire rather than Vader to triumph. Dr Cylo agrees with Grand General Tagge.

Other matters[]

While the Astarte twins are sparring, Triple Zero and Beetee inform Lord Vader that the bounty hunter Beebox has found Mistress Aphra and returned her. Triple Zero has arranged a private audience but Lord Vader wants to question them now. However, Triple Zero remarks that he did not know that Lord Vader's powers included communicating with the dead. Lord Vader orders Triple Zero to take them to her immediately.

Before he can leave, Aiolin Astarte asks Lord Vader who he thinks will win when they fight. Lord Vader replies that her "gaudy mechanical trickery" is nothing compare to the power of the Force. Aiolin clarifies that she was talking about her brother Morit before sporting her cybernetic hand. Lord Vader tells her that she has been sold a fantasy and that there is no future for her. Aiolin pleads with Lord Vader to train her in the ways of the Jedi in order to preserve their memory. Vader refuses to teach her and claims that the lessons he has for her would be of no use to her.

Beebox apologizes to Lord Vader, saying that he did not realize it was his bounty. When Lord Vader demands that he produce Dr Aphra, he produces a bag containing ashes and a shattered skull. He explains that he had to use a disintegrator. Lord Vader replies that it is not the girl and proceeds to Force choke the bounty hunter to death. Beebox tries to shoot with his blaster but it is in vain. Lord Vader orders the droids Triple Zero and Beetee to dispose of the bodies.

Cylo's plot[]

During a holographic conference, Lord Rubix is furious at the loss of his lava leviathan. Another noble tells him that it is no time to think of his fortunes. He asks who is this "Vader" who achieves the impossible and wonders how they can fight him. Rubix responds that they are dealing with sorcery and that he has brought an expert. The expert reveals himself as Dr Cylo, who tells them he is uncertain that he can deliver them a final victory but promises to give them Vader.


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Notes and references[]

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