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Darth Vader 19 is the nineteenth issue of the Marvel comic book series Star Wars: Darth Vader. It is the fourth and final issue in the series' third arc. The issue, written by Kieron Gillen with art by Salvador Larroca, was released on April 13, 2016.[1]

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Treason and droid power[]

Beneath Shu-Torun, Triple Zero gives a rousing battle speech to the BX-series droid commandos urging them to fight while giving a coded call for them to rise up and destroy their organic masters. The commando droids cheer for Triple Zero and call for slaying the "meaty ones." This unnerves Baron Rubix's soldiers.

Nearby, Darth Vader duels with Morit and Aiolin Astarte on top of a stone bridge. Aiolin fires a rocket from her cybernetic arm, which blows up the stone bridge. Aiolin realizes that they can't beat Darth Vader. However, Morit says that she won't but that he will before pushing his sister into the molten lake. Morit tells Lord Vader that the field runs thin before leaving.

Using the Force, Darth Vader lifts a badly burnt Aiolin out of the molten lake. He wraps the badly burned woman in his cloak and reassures her that the pain will pass soon. Aiolin confesses that Dr Cylo collaborated with the ore-dukes and gives him a memory circuit that will prove everything. Lord Vader puts the grievously burned woman out of her misery by stabbing her with his lightsaber.

Returning to the combat drill, Darth Vader finds that the droid commandos have secured the enemy lines. Vader orders the droids to communicate with Queen Trios' forces and order them to attack. One of the soldiers begs Lord Vader not to feed them to the "blood-sucking" droids while Triple Zero is delighted at the success of his psychological warfare. When Beetee beeps in Binary, Triple Zero says that they are not actually "blood suckers." When Lord Vader orders Triple Zero to signal the main battle group to continue their attack, the protocol droid responds that the assault is already under way and that Queen Trios has pressed on without Imperial support.

Defeating Baron Rubix[]

Queen Trios leads her loyalist forces in an attack on Baron Rubix's delving citadel. She is hit by a cannon blast but survives due to her armor. At that point, a combat drill carrying Imperial reinforcements including an AT-AT walker penetrates the earth. Trios and her troops celebrate the arrival of reinforcements.

Meanwhile, Baron Rubix tells his daughter Bixene to contact Dr Cylo. However, Bixene informs her father that Dr Cylo has left Shu-Torun. With the loss of his elite troops, Rubix fears that the delving citadel is lost. Bixene informs her that the elite guard are returning. Rubix leads his daughter and issues orders to his troops. However, they find their path blocked by Darth Vader, who demands that the Baron surrenders.

Baron Rubix submits and orders that the gates of the citadel be open to Queen Trios' forces. Rubix is insolent towards the Queen and tells her that he is not afraid of any punishment she delivers. However, Trios responds that thousands are dead because of his pride. Not willing to hear his flowery speeches, she orders her troops to execute Baron Rubix. Trios appoints a distraught Bixene Baroness and tells her to convince the other rebels to make peace. When Bixene points out that she has an older brother who is her father's heir, Trios warns her that objecting to the Queen's decisions is considered treason. Trios tells Lord Vader that inexperienced youths not expecting power are most easy to manipulate.


Following the end of the War on Shu-Torun, Darth Vader prepares to depart on a Lambda-class shuttle. Queen Trios tells Lord Vader that the barons' resistance did not outlast Baron Rubix. Lord Vader tasks her with mopping up any stragglers. While the rebellious barons will not survive, Queen Trios is confident their lines will. As a mining culture, everything in Shu-Torun must be properly supported. Lord Vader says as she wishes.

Lord Vader says that the stormtrooper captain will remain behind to offer military advice and oversight. The Queen asks if he chose his successor well but Vader says that he had no other choice as he climbs aboard the shuttle. When Triple Zero remarks that could be interpreted multiple ways, Queen Trios says she understand. The Queen confides with Triple Zero that she cannot destroy the Sith Lord. Triple Zero thinks that Queen Trios will go far but the Queen says that she is going nowhere.

Queen Trios invites the stormtrooper captain to chat about astronomical quotas and asks if he can dance. The captain replies that he is an Imperial Academy graduate. Before he can continue, the Queen reminds him that the Shu-Torun are an intensely courtly culture where survival is based on dancing.

Dr Aphra and Inspector Thanoth[]

Aboard an orbiting Imperial Star Destroyer, Lord Vader informs Emperor Palpatine about Dr Cylo's treason. The Emperor invites the Sith Lord to come to Coruscant where he will explain everything. Lord Vader orders Triple Zero and Beetee to prepare for departure but Triple Zero informs her that Mistress Aphra has been found.

Lord Vader wants to reward the bounty hunter but Triple Zero responds that he doesn't require payment. Triple Zero wants to talk about a drill modification but Lord Vader wants to get to the bottom of the matter. At Triple Zero's advice, Beetee plays a holorecording of Inspector Thanoth telling Lord Vader that he has found the girl. He tells Lord Vader that it is time that they had a little chat.


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