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Darth Vader 2 is the second issue of the Marvel comic book series Star Wars: Darth Vader and the second of six issues in the series' first story arc, Vader. The issue, written by Kieron Gillen with art by Salvador Larroca, was released on February 25, 2015.[1]

Plot summary[]

Book I, Part II
It is a period of insurgence. The Empire's
ultimate peacekeeping force, THE DEATH
STAR was destroyed due to an unforeseen
design flaw. Without this deterrent, the
rule of law is in danger. Chaos looms!

Due to his responsibility for the disaster,
Darth Vader has fallen in the eyes of
Emperor Palpatine. Grand General Tagge
is to command the response to the

Unknown to the Emperor, Vader is quietly
pursuing his own interests: the
mysterious Force-strong pilot who
destroyed the Death Star....


The comic opens with the Lambda-class shuttle CZ-246 being pursued by an automated pirate CR90 corvette. The shuttle's engines are hit and the pirate corvette also fires a torpedo. The shuttle copilot says the engines are dead. The shuttle pilot realizes that the pirates are after their cargo and blows up their shuttle. Shortly later, Darth Vader arrives with several TIE fighters. Following a brief dogfight, they disable the automated corvette's engines. Vader contacts the Super Star Destroyer Annihilator, telling the commander that the mission was successful.

Under Tagge's command[]

Lord Vader reports the capture of the robotic pirate corvette to Grand General Cassio Tagge, telling him that the high quality robotics were well supplied and that they are not dealing with fools. Tagge says that it is urgent that they find the source of these raids, adding that it is not good for the Empire to secure supplies from Jabba the Hutt so that the raiders can steal them from the Empire. Lord Vader thinks that there is a security breach but General Tagge disagrees, claiming that the high attrition rate of piracy does not fit his piracy models. He claims that it is normal for piracy to peak in times of unrest such as the aftermath of the Death Star's destruction.

Staring out the viewport at a fleet of Star Destroyers, Tagge describes the Death Star as the late Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin's folly and wonders how many Super Star Destroyers the Empire could have built. When Vader opines that Tarkin had a vision and that Tagge only has graphs, Tagge responds that he has graphs and the command. He explains that his strategy is to invest in expanding the Imperial Navy, which he likens to the sea. He argues that Imperial military power should not be based around a single object but that the fleet should be used as Force multiplier.

Tagge's plan is to repair the corvette to pass a cursory examination, use it to locate the pirate base, and then storm the station. Vader disagrees with his plan and claims that the pirates could set the base to self-destruct, opining that their adversaries would sacrifice a finger to avoid the Empire's wrath. Tagge responds that is why their team must secure the information before that happens and announces that Lord Vader will be heading that mission.

Tagge patronizes Vader by likening the Sith Lord to a lightsaber being wielded by a "skilled hand," which he describes as himself. Tagge also assigns an adjutant in the form of Lieutenant Oon-ai, who will be reporting directly to him. Vader submits to Tagge's authority. In private, Vader warns Oon-ai to be careful not to test his patience. While preparing for the mission, Oon-Ai examines Vader's personal communications with the bounty hunter Boba Fett. Vader responds that this is a personal matter that he will attend to later. He then withdraws to a chamber with a black astromech droid.

Infiltrating the pirate base[]

Lord Vader, Lieutenant Oon-ai travel back in the droid corvette to the pirate base in the extreme edge of the Outer Rim Territories. The Mon Calamari pirate remarks that the ship took a beating while the Sullustan pirate says they will unload cargo and get on with the repairs. The Twi'lek pirate goes to unload the cargo only to run into Lord Vader and the Imperials. Lord Vader hurls him aside and orders the troops to secure the core. Meanwhile, Vader's black astromech droid unlocks the hatch.

Realizing Imperials are here, the Sullustan pirate issues orders to activate the security droids. The Mon Calamari pirate also considers activating the lever, saying that Aphra made big promises for theses and that they have to be even better than she said to get them out of the station. He wonders what options they have. Meanwhile, the astromech droid exits a hatch onto the outer hull of the station.

Vader and the stormtroopers are caught in a hangar explosion cause by a remote explosive triggered by the pirates. The pirates then deploy several droidekas and join the fight against the Imperials. Meanwhile, the astromech droid finds another access hatch and enters it. Back in the hangar, Vader realizes that the pirates have not activated the self-destruct mechanism because they still think they have a chance. Lieutenant Oon-ai points out that the stormtroopers are being torn apart and asks if there is something the Sith Lord can do.

Vader thinks that a lightsaber strike will only cause the missile to explode. When the Lieutenant asks if there is nothing Vader can do, Vader responds that there is always something he can do. Meanwhile, the astromech droid connects to a network terminal. Vader uses the Force to hurl missiles as the droidekas and pirates, incinerating them. Having accomplished its mysterious mission, the droid returns to the docked corvette.

The dying Mon Calamari pirate activates the self-destruct mechanism. Lord Vader orders the stormtroppers to return to the CR90 corvette and to prepare the ship for launch. He orders Lieutenant Oon-ai to accompany him to the pirate control center to retrieve the data, reminding him that his orders were to watch him. The two return to their ship just the pirate asteroid space station. Lieutenant Oon-ai says that they made it. Vader responds so we did and that they must report their findings.

Shadow boxing[]

Returning to the Annihilator, Lord Vader "praises" Grand General Tagge's plan and says that the pirates were backed by the Crymorah syndicate. However, he then claims that Lieutenant Oon-ai was a spy for the pirates and presents the adjutant's corpse. Lord Vader claims that he found data on the pirates' computer identifying Oon-ai as a traitor and that Oon-ai had been feeding information to the pirates. He tells Tagge to watch his next adjutant closely and warns that he will be watching them as closely as they watch him.

In private, Lord Vader asks the astromech droid if he has purged the information. The droid replies to the affirmative and Lord Vader instructs him to leave. The droid flies out through the airlock and self-destructs. Vader remarks that one can always trusts droids, hinting that the droid had framed Oon-ai.

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