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Darth Vader 23 is the twenty-third issue of the ongoing Marvel comic book series Star Wars: Darth Vader. Released on July 20, 2016, it is written by Kieron Gillen, with art by Salvador Larroca.[1]

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Plot summary[]

Book IV, Part IV
It is a time of rebuilding for the Empire. After the destruction of the Death Star, Darth Vader is atoning for his failure by destroying all who would oppose the Empire.

Vader's recent successes have put him back in the good graces of Emperor Palpatine, and he has therefore been sent on a vital mission: capturing the traitorous scientist Cylo, Vader's formal rival. While Vader quickly dispatches Cylo's compatriot Tulon Voidgazer, her final act is setting her vessel on a collision course — with Vader still inside.

Meanwhile, the droids Triple-Zero and Beetee have been sent to capture Vader's secret ally, Dr. Aphra — but upon her delivery to the Executor, she takes advantage of their programming and changes their directive: help her escape the ship at any cost....

The attempted heist[]

An unconscious Dr Aphra is woken up by Triple Zero and Beetee. Triple Zero quips that they have rescued her without murdering anyone. When Dr Aphra how she passed out, Triple Zero explains that she was knocked out by a human targeted neurotoxin that had been circulated across safety filters and that he had revived her with an antidote. As they exit the cell, Triple Zero remarks that this "embarrassing slumping" did not occur during the time of the Old Republic.

The three soon realize that the Super Star Destroyer Executor has been hijacked and is moving through the shipyards of Kuat Drive Yards. Triple Zero remarks that he feels a certain spark of "professional jealousy."

Aboard the bridge of the Executor, Morit Astarte informs Dr Cylo that they have cleared the docks. Dr Cylo orders Morit to activate the ion charges, disabling the surrounding Imperial starships to prevent them from pursuing the stolen Executor or calling for help. Dr Cylo thanks the late Tulon Voidgazer for her work before ordering his crew to depart.

Vader strikes back[]

However, Darth Vader had survived the destruction of Cylo's flagship and cut the Executor's engines. He warns Dr Cylo that he is coming for him and that he won't be escaping. While Morit is incredulous that Lord Vader survived, Dr Cylo thinks that Vader managed to eject and land on the Super Star Destroyer's hull. He tasks Morit with eliminating Vader for good and orders him to divide the troops into guarding the bridge and retrieving the Emperor Palpatine, who is still aboard the Executor.

As Morit issues orders to Cylo's troops, Dr Aphra and her droids and the Wookiee Krrsantan eliminate several sentries outside Black Krrsantan's Auzituck anti-slaver gunship. Dr Aphra considers running but decides to stay behind to save the Emperor.

Meanwhile, Morit, who is wearing a spacesuit, confronts Lord Vader on the hull of the Executor, vowing to end the Sith Lord. The two engage in a lightsaber duel in zero gravity space. While Morit charges at Vader with the rocket jets on his feet, Dr Aphra, Triple Zero, Beetee, and Black Krrsantan eliminate Cylo's soldiers, who are laying siege to the Emperor's quarters.

Morit misses Lord Vader and flies away for a second charge. However, the Sith Lord damages his right foot thrusters with his lightsbaer. Morit manages to fly to the end of a metal beam. However, Lord Vader uses the Force to hurl metal sheets at him and to rip apart the metal beam. As Lord Vader gloats about his victory, Morit is sucked into Kuat's atmosphere and burns upon re-entry, suffering a similar fate to the one that he inflicted on his sister.

Dr Cylo's fail-safe[]

In response to his losses, Dr Cylo orders his remaining troops to regroup at the bridge. While eliminating Cylo's troops outside the Emperor's quarters, Black Krrsantan tells Dr Aphra in Shyriiwook that he is only helping because Aphra owes him money. Aphra quips about the Wookiee needing to write off his bad debts but agrees to pay him. Cylo's surviving troops retreat from the Emperor's quarters.

Meanwhile, Darth Vader eliminates Cylo's troops outside the bridge before confronting the scientist. Lord Vader tells Dr Cylo his machines are insufficient but Cylo retorts that Vader is one his machines, activating a remote that deactivates Vader's armor. Cylo explains that he had installed a failsafe mechanism to deactivate Lord Vader's armor in the event that the Sith Lord posed a threat to him. Cylo wonders whether Lord Vader is more machine than man, and opts for the former.


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