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Darth Vader 7 is the seventh issue of the Marvel comic book series Star Wars: Darth Vader and the first of six issues in the series' second story arc, Shadows and Secrets. The comic, written by Kieron Gillen with art by Salvador Larroca, was released on July 1, 2015.[3]

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Plot summary[]

Book II, Part I
Disorder engulfs the galaxy. After the
destruction of the Death Star by a
mysterious Force-strong rebel pilot, the
Sith Lord DARTH VADER was deemed
responsible by his master, EMPEROR
PALPATINE. Now pursuing his own agenda
- the pilot's identity - Vader recruited
bounty hunter BOBA FETT and
archaeologist DOCTOR APHRA.

Pitted by the Emperor against a new array
of rivals for his position in the Empire,
Vader's rage at being doubted was
compounded by an even more shocking
revelation—the rebel pilot he sought was
actually the son he never knew he'd had.

Now, alongside Aphra, the Sith Lord
returns to his home planet of Tatooine to
the former homestead of the pilot,
following a trail left behind by Boba Fett
and the young Skywalker....[2]

Revisiting Tatooine[]

Darth Vader visits the abandoned Lars moisture farm on Tatooine with Dr Aphra, Triple Zero and BT-1. While Dr Aphra does not understand Vader's interest in the site, Lord Vader explains that the boy who destroyed the Death Star lived here, but he left because his family was slain. Lord Vader is looking for any trace of Skywalker. Triple Zero expresses sadness and pity for the destroyed droids.

Dr Aphra remarks that Luke would not have destroyed the Death Star had the Empire not killed his family, adding that revenge is a motivator. Vader agrees with her, but opines that they are too late and should move on.

The two travel to Ben Kenobi's home, where Boba Fett had ambushed and fought Skywalker earlier. Vader notes the wrecked surroundings and acknowledges the boy is strong in the Force, but believes Luke has little (or no) training. Vader mocks the late Kenobi for the old man's failed attempt to hide Skywalker.

He tells Dr Aphra that he is finished. She uses a molecular purge bomb to wipe out all traces of their presence within the site. Vader tells Dr Aphra he will have to return to his duties, but he will have a task for her soon enough.

Business on Son-tuul[]

At the Son-tuul Pride base, Yonak's father speaks with a Twi'lek smuggler, who has failed his assignment due to the Imperial crackdown. The Rodian doesn't care about excuses and warns the Twi'lek that he would meet the fate of other failed underlings. Their severed heads are stored in a cupboard. After hurling a head to his caged beast, Yonak's father prepares to slit the Twi'lek's throat for failing. He taunts the Twi'lek, "For all your fears of your Imperials, you came here. You're still more afraid of me." Yonak's father discovers a glowing tracer in the Twi'lek's clothes. It is signaling the Galactic Empire.


Darth Vader leads stormtroopers into combat

A hole explodes in the building. Lord Vader leads a phalanx of stormtroopers. Yonak's father releases a large horned beast in an attempt to scatter the Imperials. However, Vader used the Force to feed the Rodian father to the horned beast. Lord Vader then kills the beast by driving his lightsaber through its head.

A stormtrooper informs Lord Vader that the Twi'lek smuggler who led them here was killed in the crossfire. "Unfortunate..." Vader says. He suspects the Twi'lek had more information. They confiscate the contraband credits. Vader bequeaths the Sun-Tuul territory to the Rodian's Hutt competitor, Sutha. This Hutt is serving Jabba the Hutt. He is pleased that Yonak's father is no longer around. Lord Vader and Sutha discuss the relationship between the Empire and the Hutt Cartel. In return for eliminating competitors--like the Son-tuul Pride--and providing the Hutts with markets for goods, the Hutts supply the Empire with resources.

Sutha wants Darth Vader to reveal the path the Son-tuul Pride's credits would be taking. However, Lord Vader responds that the credits are Imperial property and the crackdown was not solely for the enrichment of the Hutts. Sutha was disappointed, but concedes the Hutts now have control of Son-tuul's underworld. Lord Vader directs Sutha to tell Jabba to be content with his new gains, but also warn Jabba not to overstep his boundaries.

A hive of scum and villainy[]

Meanwhile, a bouncer tries to bar a red IG-series droid, IG-90, from entering a bar. However, the droid shoots him dead. The Trandoshan bounty hunter, Bossk, asks if he is finished. IG-90 responds, ""I have made my point." He explains that he was delayed by Imperial checkpoints and asks if he has missed anything. Bossk says he missed nothing. The diminutive bounty hunter, Beebox, emerges from nearby curtains and tells the two he saw "the Wookiee" in the fighting pit and that the "dumb lump" became nostalgic.

They watch the Wookiee bounty hunter, Krrsantan, battle another Wookiee in the fighting pit. When IG-90 asks about Black Krrsantan, Bossk explains he volunteered for the fight and that he has never met a Wookiee who volunteered. Beebox suggests buying Black Krrsantan a drink after the fight. The Wookiee presents Beebox with a braid of the defeated Wookiee's hair. Beebox is surprised at the gift, noting it is not his birthday. Dr Aphra tells them to calm down and for Krrsantan to wipe his mouth because "ladies are present."

She informs the bounty hunters the Empire has eliminated the Son-tuul Pride and confiscated the fortune. IG-90 replies, "everyone knows this."

Dr Aphra informs the bounty hunters the Son-tuul Pride's wealth is being transported aboard an Arquitens-class light cruiser. She invites the bounty hunters to take part in her plan to steal the money from the Imperial cruiser.

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