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Darth Vader 15 is the fifteenth issue of the canon comic book series Star Wars: Darth Vader (2017). It was written by Charles Soule, illustrated by Giuseppe Camuncoli, and published on April 25, 2018 by Marvel Comics.

Publisher's summary[]

Darth Vader continues his mission to bring Mon Cala to heel! Vader goes in for some wet work in this brutal story!

Plot summary[]

Part III
Some time has passed since the ascension of Emperor
Palpatine, the formation of his great Galactic Empire, and
the descent of former Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker into his
new form as twisted half-man, half-machine Darth Vader —
Sith apprentice to Palpatine.

Due to the efforts of Vader and his Inquisitors, few Jedi
remain to oppose Palpatine. Yet, a new threat has arisen
against the regime. King Lee-Char of the ocean planet of
Mon Cala resists Imperial control. Palpatine has sent
Vader to quell this rebellion and destroy the Jedi in
Lee-Char's service.

But the Mon Calamari will not go down without a fight. The
king has unveiled a secret weapon and unleashed massive
sea creatures against the Imperial troops. All were lost to
the sea — including Vader....

Depths of the sea[]

As Darth Vader descends into the depths of the Great Ungeness Trench, he ignites his lightsaber to provide lighting. Vader's armor's computer system warns him that oxygen reserves are at 30 percent and that external pressure has exceeded maximum suit tolerance. Vader uses the Force to push himself upwards, reducing the pressure on his armor.

On the way, Vader is attacked by a giant squid, which tries to wrap its tentacles around him. Vader drops his lightsaber. As the creature wraps its tentacles around him, and is about to devour him, he uses the Force to control the creature, making it retrieve his lightsaber for him and swim him towards the surface.

As the Inquisitors tries to contact him, Mon Calamari and Quarren soldiers on Underwater Turbo Sled Pikes battle Imperial seatroopers riding OMS Devilfish submersibles. As Vader is nearing the surface, the eye of the giant squid pops due to the lower pressure as Vader responds to his Inquisitors' communications and tells them to come to his signal.


As the Inquisitors' Imperial submarine approaches, the blind and dying giant squid descneds into the ocean. Vader boards the submarine and is greeted by the Sixth Brother, Ninth Sister, and Tenth Brother, who are surprised that he survived. When Vader asks if the Jedi is dead, the Sixth Brother says not yet. When Vader asks about the whereabouts of King Lee-Char, the Ninth Sister says he was swept away by the tidal wave.

The Ninth Sister says that she managed to force Lee-Char to reveal the Jedi's location and that they know exactly where to go. The Tenth Brother adds that they barely survived the wave and lost two clone Purge Troopers. He explains that once the Inquisitors had requisitioned an Imperial submarine and come looking for him. Lord Vader reminds the Sixth Brother that the Emperor assigned him a task and if it is not complete, he has failed.

When the Sixth Brother says that they rescued him, Vader dismisses them as fools and claims that he doesn't need rescuing. Vader reminds that Ninth Sister that their mission on Mon Cala was to find and kill the Jedi advising King Lee-Char. When the Ninth Sister says that they know where to find him, Vader points out that Lee-Char would warn the Jedi if he survived. Vader tells them that they need to move and to pray that the King is dead.

Meanwhile, the unconscious King Lee-Char is picked up by a Quarren patrol team in a Quarren submarine. The Quarrens hope the King is still alive.

Taking down the sky-base[]

At the Aerial landing platform, Colonel Bergon informs Governor Wilhuff Tarkin that they are making progress against Mon Cala resistance in the northern hemisphere. She reports that Admiral Raddus is orchestrating resistance in the south but seems to be consolidating their reefships in the polar regions.

Colonel Bergon says she prefers not to scatter her forces. She plans to tackle Commander Ackbar first before cleaning up down there. Tarkin warns her not to underestimate Raddus because he is a skilled tactician. He thinks that Raddus is planning a counter-attack. Bergon reassures Tarkin that she has the situation under control. Just then, one her officers reports an incoming attack.

Ackbar leads a squadron of aquatic vehicles against the sky-base. Underestimating Ackbar, Bergon orders several TIE fighters to shoot them down. Under enemy fire, the aquatic vehicles dive under the sea. Despite taking losses, Ackbar is determined to get inside the perimeter of their point-defence grid in order to strike the sky-fortress.

Under Ackbar's leadership, the Mon Calamari jump out of the water and fire several metal-cased missiles at the sky-fortress, causing a series of explosions that destroy the aerial landing platform. As Ackbar and his soldiers survey the damage, a sergeant informs them that a Quarren patrol team has found King Lee-Char.

Jedi in danger[]

Meeting with the wounded King Lee-Char, Ackbar is glad the King is safe. He informs the King that the Empire has deployed sky-bases to use as staging grounds for their assault. Though they were able to take down one, he warns that the Empire has more. Ackbar proposes calling a truce with the Empire and to reopen negotiations.

Lee-Char rules out a truce since the Empire has made its choice. He vows to fight until the Empire withdraws. When Lee-Char talks about saving his people and the galaxy, Ackbar asks if that is his opinion or that of the Jedi. Lee-Char claims it is his but suddenly recalls that the Inquisitors know the location of the Jedi Ferren Barr.

Breaking out of his watery bed, he contacts Barr. Meanwhile, Verla informs Barr that the Mon Calamari and Quarren are putting up a good fight. Barr is impressed by the Mon Calamari and Quarren's willingness to resist the Empire. Due to Imperial opposition, Verla asks whether the Mon Calamari and Quarren will succeed in liberating their planet. Barr says either way.

Just then, Endee informs them about a transmission from the King. Lee-char informs them that he has triggered a scouring of the surface. He warns Barr that the Imperial "assassins" tortured him and have found the location of his hideout.

Imperial reinforcements[]

Aboard the Imperial Star Destroyer Sovereign, Governor Tarkin learns about the loss of Colonel Bergon's sky-base. An Imperial lieutenant informs Tarkin that the Mon Calamari used a swarm attack with metal-cased missiles rather than energy projectiles.

Tarkin confronts Commander Jordo about the failure of the Imperial Security Bureau to report the military tech. Jordo tries to explain that they have only been in the Mon Calamari system for a few days and that he can't expect him to give a complete picture of the planet in so little time. Furious at Jordo's incompetence, Tarkin orders stormtroopers to requisition a set of stormtrooper armor for Jordo.

Despite Jordo's protests, he is dispatched to the surface as a stormtrooper. When a lieutenant asks if Tarkin is planning to retaliate, Tarkin disagrees and says he is planning to escalate the conflict. Imperial reinforcements approach Mon Cala in the form of two Star Destroyers.


Although the previous and following issues depict Verla with blond hair, Darth Vader 15 shows her hair to be dark. Likewise, Jordo is mistakenly depicted with blond hair.



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  2. According to Ultimate Star Wars, New Edition, the invasion of Mon Cala took place a year into the Emperor's rule. Since Star Wars: Galactic Atlas dates the beginning of Imperial rule to 19 BBY, the occupation of Mon Cala, seen in Darth Vader: Darth Lord of the Sith 15, took place in 18 BBY.

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